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                 01/19/2018 09:51 PM  
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02/24/2004 02:32 AM ID: 37275 Permalink   

Serial Killer May be on the Loose in Philadelphia


Four women have been killed and their bodies have been discovered on Kensington Avenue in the last six weeks. Police have not yet drawn a connection but fear it may be a serial killer. This area of North Philly is known for prostitution and drugs.

Cpl. Jim Pauley says: "We're not saying we have a serial killer on our hands here. But at the same time, we want everyone walking that corridor to be careful." The first three victims had arrest records for prostitution and the killer disrobed them.

The last victim, however, has no arrest record and her body was fully clothed. All of the victims were strangled to death. Maria Rolon, the mother of the last victim Evelyn Rolon, says: "The person who did this has no heart."

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Nothing like a good serial killer to get the ol' heart pumpin.
  by: McDumpster   02/25/2004 02:54 PM     
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