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                 02/23/2018 01:33 PM  
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02/26/2004 10:02 PM ID: 37352 Permalink   

Howard Stern Blames Janet Jacksons Boob Incident For Ban


Following the announcement of Howard Stern being dumped by Clear Channel Communications Inc (Shortnews reported) the 'shock jock' presenter says that the move is part of a backlash caused by Janet Jacksons Super Bowl breast exposure incident.

Stern said "They (Clear Channel) are being forced to say that I did something wrong. I'm under attack. They've been after me since 1992, and they're having their way with me.

"Then Janet Jackson whipped out her boob and it's all over". Sterns show is syndicated by Viacom Inc., the same company that owns Super Bowl broadcaster CBS and providers of the controversial half-time entertainment MTV.

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  Blame everyone but yourself....  
notice how these guys always blame others and never take the blame for their actions themselves? Clear Channel Radio, his employer I assume, said Stern had gotten offensive, vulgar, and they were ashamed of what was going least they did not fire him like they did 'Bubba the Love Sponge'...maybe he should work for an independent network that can handle the heat he puts forth; so let's see if he sits back or resigns himself & goes elsewhere since he is so upset, in other words to put his money where his mouth is.
  by: cotton   02/27/2004 12:24 AM     
It's my understanding that Viacom went down by hundred's of millions in 2003, where their stocks were concerned (getting rid of Blockbuster, too). Jumping around SUDDENLY and getting rid of all the "bad" stuff--ya really think less people are watching MTV, Nickalodian, etc. now? I think that the "bad" stuff boosted their ratings, if anything. Anyway, Stern has naked women at his studio, I cannot think they are all of a sudden stressed out about him and another guy using a few body-part names in their language. I think they ARE feeling the heat in the Janet Jackson boob pressured media frensy.
  by: TrueCrimeFanatic   02/27/2004 01:46 AM     
cotton is not a fan of howard stern, and does not appreciate his humor. I agree with stern, and anyway, its just a boob, its just some words, do we really care that much??
  by: swiftfalcons   02/27/2004 05:38 PM     
screw clear channel. Everyone is so afraid of sex. The FCC is based religiously... watch that new Jesus movie, youll understand who im talking about.
  by: headoxygenwaste   02/28/2004 03:09 AM     
From an 'advanced' and prosperous country the US is so damn backwards with sexuality it's ridiculous.
  by: rafdox   02/28/2004 05:08 PM     
The reason (in my opinion) that stern was taken off clear channel stations is because of the increased fines put forth by the FCC. Trust me clear channel has NO desire to take stern off the air because he brings in a lot of listeners. I work for clear channel and in my region we have only 1 station that broadcasts stern, since they day they took him off we have received thousands of emails from upset listeners. I'm sure clear channel would love to bring stern back, but the most important priority is to protect the license and if they feel stern might be a threat to that then they wont hesitate to take him off the air.

My personal opinion is that it's all a bunch of nonsense. And it DID all start with Janet Jackson's breast incident. Though I can understand that incident more than this because yeah the superbowl really isn't suppose to have that stuff and kids could be watching (though I still don't think it's that big a deal). However you have to actually TUNE IN to hear stern and you know exactly what you're going get. If you don't like it, don't listen!
  by: uselessinfodude   02/28/2004 08:14 PM     
  Cheers @Uselessinfodude  
Brilliant! I was getting readyu to go in that direction with my own comment, when I read yours and realized, what more could I possibly say? That said it all :)
  by: Darkwitch   02/28/2004 09:39 PM     
  ya think!  
good guess moron. the worlds a better place without your show.
  by: donkeyman   02/29/2004 11:08 AM     
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