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                 01/23/2018 11:08 PM  
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03/03/2004 10:25 PM ID: 37522 Permalink   

Mayor Facing Gay Wedding Charges


Jason West, a New York mayor who made the news recently with marrying gay couples in New Paltz, has been charged with 19 counts of solemnising marriages without a licence. Despite the consequences, this weekend he plans to wed 24 more gay couples.

He actually presided over 25 gay marriages last Friday near Manhattan but police only witnessed 19 of them. As far as he is concerned, all the ceremonies were legal, even though they ran contrary to current law.

A fellow New York mayor, John Shields, has similar plans as West and is even pursuing a licence for himself and his male partner.

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This is really getting out of hand. This religious bs needs to stop already...
  by: rafdox   03/03/2004 11:34 PM     
  Who are they hurting?  
Who is actually being harmed by them marrying these people? Innocent people are being persecuted... at least they're not backing down.
As an aside.. how many mayors does New York have anyway? I had always thought the standard was one mayor per city. Or do they mean the State of New York?
  by: acg   03/04/2004 12:10 AM     
Most straight people think marriage is a sacred thing between a man and a woman.
So to a lot of people its the equivelant of selling bacon butties in Mecca, or walking arouns with a burning US flag(well the story is in america).
Personaly I think they should be allowed to "marry" and have all the hospital type rights, but shouldnt recieve most of the various tax breaks.
  by: Necralis   03/04/2004 12:39 PM     
  Really Necralis?  
No tax breaks? So, you're in favor of discrimination? Where you like this when blacks and women tried to get civil rights too?

The "it's not hurting anyone" argument, in my opinion, is pretty weak. I think the discrimination argument is a stronger one because it was a part of our past. The religious right just don't realize it at this time, just like the republicans of the 1960's. There are so many parralells between then and now, all we need is riots and violence, which may come soon...
  by: kolman36     03/04/2004 04:52 PM     
Everyone is discriminated against in some way, I dont qualify for social housing, so I'm discriminated becuase I'm not poor....

The idea of the financial rewards is to encourage people to settle down and have lots and lots of children, doent really work for gay couples....
  by: Necralis   03/04/2004 05:01 PM     
  Yes it does  
You don't qualify for public housing because you have more than they do. You don't need it, it doesn't benefit you.
Gays are just asking for basic human rights that we give to any other human being.
They can adopt children, which is desperatley needed right now seeing as how there are so many in the system. Many already have children via adoption or a surogate or artificial insemination. They deserve all the tax breaks that heterosexuals get. What they do in the bedroom shouldn't effect their rights as an American. Remember "All men created equal"?
  by: kolman36     03/04/2004 05:22 PM     
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