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                 01/23/2018 04:35 PM  
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03/06/2004 10:20 PM ID: 37598 Permalink   

"The Passion of the Christ" Gets Elementary School Teacher Suspended


Ronald Anthony has been suspended with pay from his teaching position at the Malcolm X Elementary in Washington D.C. Anthony showed his 6th grade students excerpts from the R-rated Gibson film, "The Passion of the Christ", during social studies.

After some parents complained, the teacher said he had shown the material on Tuesday March 2. Investigators are looking into how Anthony came to be in possession of the pirated copy of the film.

Elfreda Massie, the interim superintendent for District of Columbia Public Schools said that the teacher had "used poor judgment" by showing the clips to 16 students.

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The teacher acted in very bad judgement, which normally should not get you suspended, but the fact that he had to have a pirated copy of Passion--well, that's just illegal and he used the students.
  by: TrueCrimeFanatic   03/07/2004 02:13 AM     
  pirated.. so wut?!  
Schools don't have the money to afford to buy proper licences anyway. The schools are TEACHING OUR CHILDREN. I don't see why it would matter if the film is pirated. Americans have very odd priorities..when you place the profit of corporations over children's futures, that's just sad.

The fact that it is the Passion however MAY have been bad judgement. If it was in a historical context, and in no way trying to convert children's religion, then this was a perfectly acceptable means to teach them. =)

The teacher also taught them a valuable lesson, don't always follow the rules or you'll end up screwed up the head like a mormon.
  by: biggknife   03/07/2004 08:20 AM     
  According to the DMCA  
under the fair use portion it says that it isn't copyright infringement if it is for an educational purpose. Don't know if this really applies though.
  by: treyjazz   03/07/2004 06:02 PM     
  Not a Piracy Issue.  
The article makes a point of mentioning the film's rating, so I'd have to conclude at the heart of this matter is the fact that he showed questionable material. Ironic afterthought is that, had that film been a documentary, it would be kosher, but since it's a mainstream film, it does not apply.

Like an earlier person said, Americans have twisted priorities. I'll go on a limb and say the parents who were up in arms are likely religious.

  by: jazzhound008   04/17/2004 11:30 PM     
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