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                 02/23/2018 05:07 PM  
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03/18/2004 05:10 PM ID: 37966 Permalink   

UFO Caught On Camera By US Rover Spirit


In a lucky shot of the Martian sky, the rover Spirit caught a UFO on its camera. Astronomers say it could be an asteroid, or a redundant orbiting spacecraft, left in orbit from 30 year old missions to Mars.

"We may never know, but we are still looking for clues," said Dr Mark Lemmon, from Texas A&M University. Normally the rover is looking down at Martian soil with its cameras, but every now and then it looks up to probe the Mars atmosphere.

There are seven out-of-commission spacecraft still in orbit around Mars. The Russian probes Mars 2, Mars 3, Mars 5, and Phobos 2; and the American probes Mariner 9, Viking 1 and Viking 2.

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  and one splattered  
beagle all over mars
  by: gr0wlley   03/19/2004 12:44 PM     
  But then again...  
just compare statistics:
How many space missions have ESA sent, and what is the success/ failure ratio compared to USA, USSR, and others...?

I'd say this far ESA is doin' perty good, eh?! :)
  by: terraformer   03/22/2004 03:14 PM     
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