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                 02/24/2018 09:05 PM  
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03/19/2004 11:27 PM ID: 38020 Permalink   

Anti-Doping Official Fears Future May Bring Genetically-Modified Athletes


The President of the world's Anti-Doping Agency, Dick Pound, says that Olympic officials may have to deal with a new issue: genetically modified athletes. It is noted that genetic research for diseases has not proceeded as fast as some hoped.

Pound: "If the science develops and the regulatory and ethical frameworks are not properly established, I think there is a danger. We've seen it with the use of drugs that were developed for therapeutic purposes." Steroids could be replaced by GM.

Dr. Bengt Saltin, who is on the International Olympic Committee's science committee, says this won't be an issue for Athens 2004 or the Turin Winter Olympics of 2006 but could be an issue for the Beijing Summer Olympics of 2008.

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