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                 11/22/2017 08:27 AM  
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03/29/2004 05:07 PM ID: 38265 Permalink   

Johnny Depp Calls For 300 Naked Men And Women


Johnny Depp is working on a new film along side John Malkovich and Samantha Morton. The film requires 300 naked extras to play partially and full nude parts.

Nina Carter who runs her own casting agency has been assigned the job for this massive hunt. "We are looking for a wide range of extras, some of whom will have to appear naked in the film."

In the film Depp plays a 17th century poet and confidant of King Charles II. The film begins shooting next month and is described as "period piece packed with sexual material."

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Hell yeah, sign me up!
  by: Whiskers   03/30/2004 08:51 AM     
I wonder what this is all about
  by: rafdox   03/31/2004 02:28 AM     
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