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                 01/23/2018 11:12 AM  
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03/29/2004 08:27 PM ID: 38273 Permalink   

Rich families "adopt" poor families


Pamela Koner of the wealthy New York State town Hastings-on-Hudson read an article about a town on the brink of financial ruin, Pembroke, Illinois. She came up with a plan in which families from her town "adopt" families from Pembroke.

"I said, 'What do you need?'" Koner said of her conversation with a Pembroke pastor. "And he said, 'I was hoping for a miracle.'" The pastor said Pembroke families are starving, with area food pantries going empty.

Now, each community has 150 families participating in the program, in which the wealthier families FedEx food to the poorer ones. The families also write letters. "You learn to share with people who don't have as much as you," said a 9-year-old.

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  Not welfare  

And this will work a hell of alot better than welfare ever would.

Rich people are not all greedy, uncaring people.

They still do this despite paying in over 90% of the overall income tax. (top 50% of earners pay 90% of all income tax)

I'm very glad to see this going on. It proves to me people still help each other without having a gun put to their head to give something.

That's good for the heart, really.
  by: Verboten   03/29/2004 10:07 PM     
And where did you get those stats from?
  by: JFURY     03/30/2004 02:23 AM     
web site. :-)

Propoganda? what is that?
  by: jendres     03/30/2004 04:15 PM     
  Not 90%  
It's closer to 40%. Yeah, I feel so bad if someone making 100 million per year is stuck taking home 60 million per year.
  by: kolman36     03/30/2004 05:55 PM     
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