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                 11/24/2017 04:07 PM  
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03/31/2004 03:57 PM ID: 38326 Permalink   

Nestle Embarassed Over Misprint: Aero Bar Not S--t Bar


A rude message has been found printed on thousands of Aero wrappers where the Best Before date and code would normally be. The words "S**t bar" were clearly printed.

Nestle denied rumors that they threatened the entire staff on that certain shift with the sack. "We do not go in for threats."

Luckily none of the bars had actually left the factory in York. "We are investigating what took place last Friday. Until we know more details about what happened, we cannot say anything further."

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  what does s**t mean?  
Or was it printed s**t? A disgruntled employee with morals.

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  by: jendres     04/01/2004 03:05 PM     
  Serves them right  
That just about sums up Nestle in one word S**T, scumbag multinational exploiter of everyone and everything all for the bottom line.
  by: rabidsmalldog   04/02/2004 11:52 AM     
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