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                 04/24/2014 06:35 PM  
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04/06/2004 05:27 AM ID: 38467 Permalink   

Beckham's Fling Spills The Beans


Rebecca Loos (25) told the media about her affair and crazy sex sessions she had with David Beckham. "David was a sensational lover." Beckham allegedly took her back to a hotel room to the astonishment of his bodyguards and enjoyed hours of sex.

Beckham at the time was supposedly saying "I know we shouldn't be doing this but I can't help it. I really want this to happen. It makes me so happy." All this was going on while Victoria was back in England looking after the kids.

Beckham strongly denies the rumors. "During the past few months I've become accustomed to reading more and more ludicrous stories about my private life." Beckham has joined shocked Victoria on a skiing holiday.

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  2 things  
1. Who cares?
2. Who is this Beckham guy or Rebecca Loos? And again, why should we care?
  by: seniorgato     04/06/2004 06:44 AM     
  where you been hiding ?  
David Beckham is a big soccer start "Bend it like beckham" and he is married to an ex spice girl, they have been happily married and a very powerful couple. This rebecca chick was his PA. Like lots of news if the heading doesnt interest you.. dont read it :)
  by: cleverbyte     04/06/2004 06:50 AM     
  Right right  
actually, I want just curious. I purposely avoid soccer because my family is obsessed with it. And I really try to avoid celebrity gossip.
  by: seniorgato     04/06/2004 07:05 AM     
if u don't care, it doesn't mean others don't. if u were just curious, just go to and type 'beckham'. is that harder than writing useless comments here?
  by: iceboy   04/06/2004 08:09 PM     
  Say it  
Sat it ain't so Becham,say it ain't so.She must be wrong cause he said it never happened.

When will people learn not to deny everything.Say you made a mistake and move on.This denying make you look like an azz wipe with no sense of life experiences.
  by: allbets     04/07/2004 01:43 AM     
Could have sex with a dozen women, in their marital bed, and Victoria would still stay with him.

The reason is she is nothing without him, sure she was kinda popular when she was in the Spice Girls but that was... what almost 10 years ago?

she needs him like fish needs water, a f*cking lot
  by: koultunami     04/07/2004 01:53 AM     
  soccer sucks  
Just joking. If anyone wants to see an INTERESTING photo, look at the Sun and see the picture of Rebecca Loos where she does a Janet. Looks intentional...
  by: JFURY     04/07/2004 02:37 AM     
  US Defesne Shield Against Beckham story  
  by: JFURY     04/07/2004 06:06 PM     
  Lying bastard  
One of his comments were " ludicrous stories about my life." Now another woman has come forward with details of another affair.

Beckham it seems you are as smart as a bag of nails.Not that anyone believed you just so surprised that people still have to open up their trap and say no i didn't do it and think it will go away.
  by: allbets     04/11/2004 03:20 PM     
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