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                 01/22/2018 09:17 AM  
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02/23/2001 10:10 AM ID: 3850 Permalink   

Irish Not Drinking Enough Guiness


Guiness, known the world over as an Irish favorite has had to be re-launched there because its sales have been falling so dramatically.

In the rest of the world last year, sales of Guiness rose by 9%, but in Ireland they fell 3% in 6 months.

The company that owns Guiness has said that "a number of programmes have been introduced to build recruitment and maintain loyalty" and its declines should end soon.

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  how weird  
ive heard guiness tastes best in
ireland - so why does every other
nation like it more than the Irish do?
  by: Ludmila     02/23/2001 12:22 PM     
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