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                 02/23/2018 01:30 AM  
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04/09/2004 07:49 PM ID: 38593 Permalink   

Teen stabbed and killed at school - 40 wounds to face and neck


A 14-year-old Florida middle school student was stabbed 40 times in the school bathroom. Both his jugular veins were severed and a "gaping wound" was in his windpipe, the medical examiner said.

Seven more wounds were found on the right hand of Jaime Gough, indicating he probably tried to defend himself.

The accused killer, Michael Hernandez, also 14, was said to have showed off a knife months before allegedly attacking Gough.

Hernandez will be tried as an adult. Although he gave a detailed confession to police, according to authorities, he has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. He also allegedly had a journal showing he was "fixated on violence."

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It just upsets me to think that any 14 year old would have the malice and capacity to deliver out such an amount of violence and hatred to another kid his age....
That is, if it really was this suspect.
  by: myrmidon     04/09/2004 07:57 PM     
  Ah Jaysus! :(  
More of this school death shit! And what makes it worse is its just left happen all the time, why the hell arent they battling it properly? cause if they are then myt idea of properly in this world must be whacked!
  by: Dela     04/09/2004 09:14 PM     
  School violence is overrated  
It really isn't as big a problem as news makes it to be. There are millions of students in school and with the number of deaths at schools it is statistically still the safest place to be for kids and also less likely then being struck by lightning. Where's the news story saying the rest of the students today didn't stab/get stabbed to death and are perfectly safe? There won't be one... it's just a fact about news, you don't report everything being OK.
  by: Nachos_N_Cheese     04/09/2004 11:00 PM     
I partially agree but being just finished school myself I know that year by year its getting rougher there, and I live in Ireland, we're supposed to be friendly people here lol!

You are right though that journalists flock to tragedy's. Must be some bad life, driving to tragedy after tragedy.
  by: Dela     04/09/2004 11:04 PM     
  re: Dela  
I'm a journalist, and I can say that, while it can be rough, you've always got that little boy who called 911 and saved his mom's life, or the man who's starting a new charity, to remind you that plenty of good things happen, too.

NandC is exactly right, though -- the ordinary, nothing-dramatic-happened stuff that makes up 95 percent of life goes unreported.
  by: sbenglish     04/09/2004 11:35 PM     
charity is garbage. its publicly saying "hey look guys, im great, im giving money to these people!"
its about the reputation.
  by: hungrylikethewolf   04/10/2004 05:49 AM     
  re: hungrylikethewolf  
i doubt you'd say that if you'd been on the receiving end of charity. and who really cares about someone's motivation for helping their community? some of these guys could have just been trying to impress some woman they liked, it doesn't mean their acts don't help society.
  by: sbenglish     04/10/2004 07:20 AM     
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