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                 04/18/2014 05:41 PM  
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02/23/2001 03:34 PM ID: 3876 Permalink   

Largest Dinosaur Claims Hotly Disputed


Jorge Calvo, a paleontologist from Argentina, has discovered the remains of what he is claiming to be the world's largest dinosaur. His herbivorous saurian was about a yard across, 52 feet tall, and 130 feet long.

However, other paleontologists are angrily disputing the claim. "(Calvo's) dinosaur find may be fatter, but it is smaller," says Carlos Munoz, who says his dinosaur was 150 feet long.

Dinosaur finds are common in Argentina, meaning that records are often surpassed, and there is a high sense of competition. Just last month, another discovery was called "possibly the most significant find ever."

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