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                 01/21/2018 11:29 PM  
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04/16/2004 04:08 AM ID: 38800 Permalink   

California Porn Industry Gets HIV Scare


Darren James, a male porn star who has had unprotected sex with 14 females on screen, tested positive for HIV and porn industry advocates want filming to stop for 60 days so others can be tested. The industry tests 1,200 actors on a routine basis.

The women who James had sex with, have had 35 sexual partners. A porn actor hasn't had a positive HIV test since 1999 and James has been tested every three weeks. A "non-condom" set in Brazil might be where James contracted the virus.

Only 17% of actors in the porn industry use condoms during filming. Director Corey Jordan says: In the porn community itself, HIV is pretty much taken care of in the sense that we make sure everyone is tested."

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  against the law?  
Isn't it against the law to reveal someone who has HIV to the public? I saw other articles which keep this man's name silent. Another says one of the women he was with on screen has it now (no name listed).
  by: JFURY     04/17/2004 12:20 AM     
her name was revealed on another source.

although, wouldn't be logical (if not necessarily legal) that if you make a living by letting others watch you have sex, you've surrendered some of your privacy?
  by: sbenglish     04/17/2004 01:20 AM     
  Additional information  
There were 2 confirmed cases of HIV, Lara Roxx was the other. She is said to have filmed with Darren James months prior.
  by: Aesir Trickster   04/17/2004 01:55 AM     
Actually there were talks about making it mandatory for all HIV postive people to register themselves. In this case it is perfectly understandable. Think about it... they make their living doing what spreads the disease. It can already get you a life sentence for attemted murder for knowingly having unprotected sex while infected.
  by: Aesir Trickster   04/17/2004 02:04 AM     
  I've always wondered  
if they did testing. Now I finally know. It doesn't say how often they are tested. Apparently long enough in between that cases can go unnoticed for a while. At least they cought it when they did. I bet some had already spread it to their spouses.
  by: treyjazz   04/17/2004 08:14 AM     
  You see ...  
The trouble these actors go through to bring us such high quality porn? You guys should be more appreciative. Not to mention the threats to their life like this story involved. =P
  by: someone777   04/19/2004 12:30 AM     
Another article mentioned that they get tested whenever they shoot abroad, and as soon as they come back. And they regularly have tests locally. Laura Coxx said in an interview that pornstars apparently share their HIV test results before filming. Some sort of business etuiquette. Anyway, Although it seems highly improbabel, I'm guessing it takes 2 months to get results? Because, wherever I read, it says the industry is stopping for two months until the results on the tests are back.
  by: ramzyrizk   04/19/2004 12:16 PM     
  I think  
everybody knows that it is about time this will happened. even if they are doing those tests in weekly bases there is still a risk. they have so many sex partners. my opinion it was expected.
  by: DX   04/19/2004 09:40 PM     
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