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                 01/19/2018 10:03 PM  
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05/14/2004 08:01 PM ID: 39513 Permalink   

Middle School Kids Caught On Camera Doing "It" On School Grounds


At Rogers Middle School, a San Antonio, Texas, Independent School District campus, a local resident has filmed school children performing sex acts on the school grounds to prove they are up to no good.

The man, who doesn't want to be named said: "I would be totally shocked if I found out my children were doing this. We're talking about adult activities that goes beyond..."

The school even has its own cop, but he is said to have been off duty at the time of the incident. San Antonio Independent School District spokesperson Rolando Martinez said: "All we can do is try to be as vigilant as possible."

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  e ow !  
<Filmed them to prove they were up to no good.>What language,up to no good and filming it,lol.Cops wanted to know what the sticky stuff was that was all over his camera.

  by: allbets     05/14/2004 11:13 PM     
  tsk tsk @allbets  
LOL -- you are baaddd ;)
  by: imsasy2u     05/15/2004 12:22 AM     
  Can't help it..  
it's these reporters that are responsible for my comments. :)

I mean really an old guy using a camera on them,sounds like a law against that should be enforced.
  by: allbets     05/15/2004 12:36 AM     
but if it's in public there's usually no law against it. If it was a hidden camera thats one thing. Also if it was in a restroom stall, no matter how wrong the act you do in there it's considered invasion of privacy in just about every state.
  by: Status-Quo   05/15/2004 03:52 AM     
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