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                 01/22/2018 09:17 AM  
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05/14/2004 10:21 PM ID: 39521 Permalink   

Gene Simmons Gives Islam Tongue Lashing


Gene Simmons, best known as the long-tongued member of rock band KISS, recently called Islam a "vile culture" while in Melbourne, Australia. He denounced extremists and believes that women in that culture are treated worse than dogs.

Simmons believes that the west is threatened by Islam, stating "they want to come and live right were you live and they think that you're evil." Simmons also decried the United Nation's and thinks the west should "speak softly and carry a big stick."

Simmons' comments came during a radio interview on 3AW in Melbourne, and according to Chairman of the Islamic Council of Victoria Yasser Soliman, he started by attacking extremists, but ended up tearing at the Muslim culture as a whole.

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  He's not "lashing" his tounge on a woman?  
...Amazing. Must feel fairly passionate about this
  by: zodiac711     05/15/2004 04:02 AM     
  actually his disclaimer ..heh  
I would be very interested in hearing Pauls thoughts ...kinda..
  by: SeventhGene   05/17/2004 12:50 AM     
  More and more  
people are willing to throw away lucrative carrears to fight the spread of the PC and Islamification of the western way of life.
Only recently the actor who played Gimli in LOTR said similar things.
We are not trying to destroy Islam, we are merely defending our own culture and way of life, which as the horrific events in bradford show, which you wont of heard about, our way of life and future is being torn to pieces. How long till enough people will fight for it?
  by: Necralis   05/22/2004 07:03 PM     
  Gene Simmons is Israeli...  
Don't forget, Gene Simmons was born Chaim Witz, in Israel...
  by: FruitPye   05/24/2004 08:59 PM     
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