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                 02/25/2018 06:53 AM  
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06/01/2004 04:11 AM ID: 39920 Permalink   

Linda Ronstadt Bashes Current Music Industry


Linda Ronstadt says that the music industry today puts a bigger premium on sex appeal than it does on talent. As a result she says: "there are a lot of people who are not paid attention to because they don't look like a fashion model."

Rondstadt adds: "It puts a huge amount of pressure on kids" to try to live up to the industry's expectations. It is noted that Ronstadt was considered a sex symbol during the high points of her career.

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I agree totally with Linda. Most of the acts these days are all about sex. They can't sing, you can't understand the words, but who cares. You can see their pubic hair and their but crack and their nipples; that's all the talent they need.
  by: lurker     06/01/2004 04:27 AM     
  "No beauty queens at this locale"  
Ok all you young people, she's dissing ya saying you take looks over substance, well do ya?

Was with a woman in a biblical way when a song of hers started playing, yes the year it came out, around 73 and anyway it was that song " when will i be loved" She had to comment that she really liked that song. Talk about ruining the moment,man.

All i know is that i love Chrisie Hyde of the Pretenders, music and think she is sexy, don't think she would be considered a beauty queen.
  by: allbets     06/01/2004 04:28 AM     
  In the 60's & 70's - If they could of  
..they would of did the same things that is being done today .. heh .. I just found out last year about Mickey Dolenz's (The Monkees) friend 'Mr Frotoe' .. heh..
  by: SeventhGene   06/02/2004 06:27 PM     
  Way to go Linda  
MTV makes me sick these much music do they actually play anymore anyways? Everytime I pass by the channel is is something about sex. Our children are watching this mess. Not mine..thank God for technology and the smart chip.
  by: TOBYKIETH     06/03/2004 05:34 PM     
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