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                 04/24/2014 11:08 AM  
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06/05/2004 06:06 PM ID: 40039 Permalink   

Conservatives R.A.G. Bush


Republicans Against George Bush has a Web site at, saying, "We are a group of concerned Americans who no longer feel that supporting George bush is the right thing for the United States or the Republican Party."

They want to vote against Bush this year as a protest to try to "pull the GOP back towards a limited/small government platform ... In doing these things, we would also like to prevent Hillary from becoming president in 2008."

The site contains quotes from noted conservatives criticizing Bush, links to "conservative" news sources about "The latest ways that President Bush has failed the Republican Party and the American people" and links to other anti-Bush groups.

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Obviously, Bush has turned down or vetoed some " Pork " for those folks. It's so unfortunate when our good Senators can't get some free federal money for those folks who helped pay them into office. :)
  by: raven818   06/06/2004 05:04 AM     
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