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                 02/20/2018 08:23 PM  
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06/12/2004 05:02 PM ID: 40189 Permalink   

Michael Moore sets his sights on Tony Blair


'Fahrenheit 9/11' director Michael Moore has set British PM Tony Blair as his next target, because "I personally hold Blair more responsible for the war in Iraq than I do George W. Bush," the filmmaker said.

"...the reason is Blair knows better," Moore continued. "Blair is not an idiot. What is he doing hanging around this guy?"

'Fahrenheit 9/11' leaves Blair out of an examination of Bush's ties to powerful Saudi Arabians and a critique of the war.

Blair, Bush's staunchest ally in the war, was excluded because Moore had to carefully choose which parts of the Iraq story on which to focus, he said. "...What I decided is that I need to make a separate film about Blair ... ."

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  Moore martyr complex?  
This schmuck might be trying to become a martyr in the style of John Lennon? He arrays targets of western leaders, but maybe he's subliminally hoping to be one himself? Hey! Perhaps he'll succeed?
  by: Luhker     06/12/2004 08:08 PM     
  Shake in your boots blair  
I'm so freakin sick of michael moore.
  by: Status-Quo   06/13/2004 03:58 AM     
I watched Bowling for Columbine and never have I seen a more boring documentary. I have watched more interesting documentaries about paint drying than that. Good thing I think we should be out of Iraq, because this retard sure wouldn't sway me. lol
  by: RomJeremy   06/13/2004 05:22 AM     
You do know that site you just pimped is doing the same psychological tactics it's claiming Michael Moore was doing to make a convincing point. In fsct (will all politics aside) it seems to me as though it is doing it in a more agressive manner.

Really they have both made a mistake. Neither are investigating fact. What both sides are both doing are resolving to tell one side of the story and then attempting to build evidence up to support it. This leads to the meatball reasoning and the silly contradictions we see.

I agree with Michael Moore on a number of points, but not exactly all for the same reasons or I haven't come to the exact same conclusion.

But If I were you, I wouldn't take that site as gospel either. The problem with the human race is that we want to 'know'. We can't help ourselves, it's what drives technology, it's what drives religion and it's what drives politics. We don't just accept a 'maybe' or a 'could' and we certainly refuse to accept a 'don't know', so what do we do? We jump in the left or right paddock without knowing jack all. I really do believe that we really dont have to jump off the fence. I'd rather sit on the fence and yell out what I think is right at each instance or if I have no idea, say nothing at all. For example, try asking a group of 10 friends if they believe in extraterrestrial life and chances are the majority of them will give you a yes or no answer even though they have no evidence to back it up.

The only thing for certain in life, is that nothing is for certain. No one should loyally take just the one persons opinion. Listen to them all and then if you think you have the facts then form your own opinion but don't fall into the trap of thinking it's neccesarily the right one.

Hope that makes sense. Basically, Michael Moore has some valid things to say but doesnt mean everything he says is right. I'm sure not everything you say is right either.
  by: darth   06/14/2004 01:58 AM     
I never said that site should be taken as gospell. But I'll tell you they bring up alot of good points. I havn't gone through the whole site but I've seen only facts to back up their arguments. It's the things like calling it a documentry that uses reinactments. You can't say Moore doesn't use decietful tactics. But then again what do I know?
  by: Status-Quo   06/14/2004 08:22 AM     
  MM sucks  
He can give it but can't take it. What a guy. Waiting for the movie some guy is making of him and all his bs.
  by: allbets     06/15/2004 05:24 AM     
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