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                 12/14/2017 05:47 PM  
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06/14/2004 03:12 AM ID: 40217 Permalink   

Canada Recruiting Mexican Workers


Unlike the United States which uses border controls and immigration restrictions to keep them out, Canada has sent recruiters to Mexico to get workers who will do low skill jobs that most Canadians reject.

Canada has a shortage of agriculture workers and over 10,000 Mexican migrants workers have jobs in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Recruiters are also looking at urban sector jobs in the hotel industry, meatpacking plants and construction.

Julian Anzaldua of the Mexican Coahuila state employment service says "This is a win-win situation." He adds: "in Canada they work with all the protections any Canadian worker would have." They get free housing, a 40 hour work week and minimum wage.

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  by: Necralis   06/14/2004 12:21 PM     
are you trying to say? Maybe the screwed up punctuation is the problem. Try saying that in English. Thanks.
  by: tomblik     06/14/2004 02:56 PM     
  by: Necralis   06/14/2004 03:04 PM     
The way I see it is if them Mexicans are willing to leave their country and work on our wheat/corn/potatoe feilds or as meat packagers there is nothing wrong. I'm sure that a number of them would agree that they make more money than what they would make in their home country and also if most Canadians reject those jobs, why not let the work starved Mexicans do thier biddings?
  by: kwtchronicles     06/14/2004 03:22 PM     
  My thoughts  
The way I look at it is this, by the time they can afford to upgrade their lifestyle, they've MORE THAN EARNED the right to do so. So what if we're bringing in cheap labour, are immigrants really such a PROBLEM? Personally, I'd trade every lazy, unemployed Canadian we have for a third their number in hard-working, grateful immigrants (from any country). People always complain about immigrants taking their jobs, but I never see these same people driving cabs or cleaning rooms at a hotel until they get back on their feet. They apply for welfare or EI or UI (whatever you call it, it's still just a handout).

It's not like we're smuggling them in into sweatshops, the terms are laid out well in advance. In addition to this, they're probably already working at a similar job making less money under harsher circumstances. I have to agree with Mr. Anzaldua, this definitely is "win-win".

  by: Yelping Man Candy   06/14/2004 06:21 PM     
  I used  
to be strongly against Mexican workers utill I saw them in action. They do excellent work, never complain, and are nice and polite and appreciate the work. You can't say that about a lot of American or Canadian workers. It's hard to find native workers that will even DO the work must less do a good job. I guess we have just become a lazy society.
  by: lurker     06/14/2004 07:56 PM     
They will eventually change the language to Spanish.

Fact: In the USA the Spanish people will be the majority. Thinking they can change Canada much quicker and thus become a majority there as well, change the language and very possible the ways things are.

Be sure to vote, amigo's. Ole
  by: allbets     06/15/2004 04:48 AM     
  crucial fact  
They are only in Canada for 6 to 8 months. A lot of these workers tend to send money back home which is where many of them will probably return unless they can endure the harsh climate and geographic isolation up North in those farm areas.
The difference between Canada and the US is that Canada has underemployment and needs labor. The US had this issue before Dubya came in.
  by: JFURY     06/15/2004 05:05 AM     
  6 to 8  
Yes i know about the money sending but never heard about the not wanting to "settle down" which i think is common for anyone wanting a better life. They could very well stay and make Canada their home.

Here in the mid-west where the winters can be almost as bitter as any place has lots of Spanish who actually are hardy, with some(probably having to be, no car) walk to work in the dead of winter.

Yeah i'm thinking Canada will maybe someday be El Canada.
  by: allbets     06/15/2004 05:17 AM     
  what are you afraid about allbets?  
I bet ppl like you said the same thing about all that chinese people inmigrating over to the west coast for the railroads in the 19th century, but guess what? there was no takeover or huge cultural clash or anything.
Do you really think that "Reconquista" nonsense could actually happen?
  by: Meltman   06/15/2004 05:43 AM     
  Re: Meltman  
Indeed, they said the same about the UK when blacks were beingh shipped in. They never took it over! they left that to the "asians".

Anyway.. this news annoys the hell out of me since my wife is canadian (I am english) and we are wanting to move back to Canada. First though I have to find work to help us through... 99.9% of places I have tried so far wont even look at me for the work the Mexicans are doing.. wonder why?
Is it cos I is English? lol
  by: Riggs   06/15/2004 09:16 AM     
  Here we go  
So, 10,000 mexicans move to Canda and get jobs in a meat packing plant.
2 years later they all leave the meat packing plants and get good jobs.
Now you need 11,000 meat packers.
They all work for 2 years, then get better jobs.
15,000 meat packers now, 10,000 get good jobs, the rest cant get good jobs so get income support.
All these new people need houses so housing costs increase and so forth.

And Enmglands culture is being destroyed by mass migration, or would you consider the Canadian falg being displayed in poublic wrong incase it offended mexicans.
  by: Necralis   06/15/2004 01:37 PM     
who talk out their azz, don't know squat, listen up. I tell them to be sure to vote and you ask what am i afraid of, guess that you miss something fella.

Fact: For the USA :

Mexicans are increasing 13%, Asians 10%, blacks 3% each.

Fact: By the year ...2050....Mexicans will be the majority.

So yes you bring them to Canada and you getting some big changes over time.

Time to melt away.
  by: allbets     06/15/2004 02:22 PM     
  I guess  
we'd all better brush up on our Spanish.
  by: lurker     06/15/2004 07:26 PM     
I will be dead by then. You could always do as they have and say "No Habla."
  by: allbets     06/15/2004 07:31 PM     
So now we have to be afraid of decent hard working people? Most immigrants are more than eager to integrate themselves into a productive society, paying taxes and abiding the law. The fact that they are proud of their heritage and would like to retain some of their traditions and language shouldn't be a threat to anyone. If being proud and wanting to retain links to your heritage is a crime... then maybe soon people will start talking about outlawing the St. Patrick's Day Parade.
  by: FL_Latino   06/16/2004 06:28 PM     
  That isnt the issue  
I said importing cheap labour doesnt work, it delays the problem for a few years, then makes it worse.
  by: Necralis   06/16/2004 06:47 PM     
Muy bueno! I'm owm you side, amigo.
  by: lurker     06/16/2004 06:48 PM     
  Make that "on" (I need spell check)  
  by: lurker     06/16/2004 06:50 PM     
  Low End Jobs...  
No matter how technologically advanced or economically successful we become, there will always be low end jobs that will need to be filled. We can't all be doctors and engineers. They won't go away so we have to adapt as best we can.

Housing costs will continue to spiral, for as long as there are people willing to pay. Trust me, if people weren't buying million dollar homes, builders wouldn't be building them. I remember in the '80's a friend of mine bought a condo in CT for 189K. A couple of years later, an identical unit down the hall sold for 26K. The market really does have a way of correcting itself.
  by: FL_Latino   06/16/2004 06:59 PM     
Let's make distinctions here. First, wanting to retain your culture when moving to another country is fine. Now, the distinction: wanting to retain your culture AND CHANGE the existing culture, or make demands to have the existing culture substitute parts of itself in favor of your own is undesirable and arrogant. I live in a state with a huge "minority" population, with blacks, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans (oh, and if you don't think there's a difference between them, you haven't spoken to any), Indians (from India), and some other Middle Eastern peoples. I don't care when they have "mexican day," or "African American day," or any kind of cultural day or celebration. The problem comes when they say "we are offended by that flag, or that sign, or that celebration, and we want you to stop." To tell the native people of a nation to put their culture secondary to your own desires is what causes many people to dislike immigrants. What's happening with France and the Muslims? I've seen people here state that the Muslims are making demands to have *their* way respected even at the expense of what existed in France previous to their immigration.
Someone else mentioned the blacks in the UK. What are they doing?
In my city, a few businessmen put out signs that say "American-owned." There was a big stink with some immigrants wanting them to take those signs down, claiming they were offended (some had competing businesses.) Sorry, guys, but this is America. We have something called free speech and free enterprise. If a business wants to advertise that they are all native Americans, that's their prerogative.
My wife's an immigrant, and she gets along fine with everyone. She doesn't hide her culture, nor does she demand that everyone ignore their own in favor of hers. That's the way immigrants should behave, and that's how I would behave if I moved to another country.

I won't even get into the huge distinction between legals and illegals, because that's a whole other ball of wax.
  by: Visitor   06/16/2004 07:30 PM     
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