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                 01/21/2018 07:18 AM  
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03/02/2001 10:13 AM ID: 4052 Permalink   

And the worlds richest sportsman is...


Oddly enough, it seems that Michael Schumacher is the most over paid sportsman in the world, or at least he was last year. He earned a cool $59 million according to a conservative estimate in Forbes magazine.

Tiger Woods came in $6 million behind him, despite having much more media exposure.

And the top paid female sports star was Martina Hingis of Switzerland, 22nd on the list with $11m.

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  it is incredible....  
...sometimes it is hard to beleive how much some people earn-actors, models, sportsmen....can they actually spend it till the rest of their lives?
  by: Keith     03/02/2001 11:30 AM     
such a pathetic person. neither good looking nor remakrably bright.
i wouldnt want to swop with him.
  by: Ludmila     03/02/2001 12:22 PM     
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