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                 02/20/2018 08:05 PM  
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07/27/2004 10:52 AM ID: 41522 Permalink   

Goldfish Bowls Banned in Monza


The northern Italian region of Monza, home to Italy's Formula 1 Grand Prix, has announced that citizens of Monza are no longer allowed to keep their goldfish in goldfish bowls. The new regulation was brought about by the town council.

One council official, Giampietro Mosca, told the AFP that "A fish kept in a bowl has a distorted view of reality...and suffers because of this. Also, this type of receptacle generally doesn't have a filter and doesn't allow for good oxygenation..."

The new law also bans small pets being given away as prizes in competitions and the sale of coloured chicks at carnivals and fairs. Monza said "... we don't want to see animals treated like objects any longer."

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  Are they serious?  
A distorted view of reality?? They're fish! Of course they have a distorted view of our reality..
  by: treyjazz   07/27/2004 12:16 PM     
  Stupidity is funny  
ok.. lets put this guy in a fish bowl.
Like the fish cares if its in a bowl or tank. What is it going to do? Protest?
  by: syn   07/27/2004 08:38 PM     
  soon they will be having a fish civil rights  
movement...they will let the fish vote..hee hee
  by: TOBYKIETH     07/27/2004 08:46 PM     
  These goldfish get  
a 16th of a vote and that bass gets an 8th of a vote.
  by: treyjazz   07/28/2004 12:53 AM     
  might be going a bit too far in this case,  
but I am glad that people are trying to make sure animals are treated humanely. Banning bowls is a bit much, but in truth, animals won or purchased at carnivals or as holiday novelties are usually mistreated and abandoned once they grow up and are no longer cute.
  by: pariahpoet   07/28/2004 06:28 PM     
those animals come into this world to die. we come into this world to die. let us enjoy the animals before they die and we die :(.
  by: crispyhumanfetus   07/29/2004 04:19 AM     
  if im mistaken  
dont goldfish have a VERY VERY short memory... like a few seconds and thats why they can live in such a small bowl. Because basically their life starts over after a few seconds (kinda like finding nemo)
  by: inpherno3   07/29/2004 08:19 AM     
That is just a myth. On Mythbusters (a show on Discovery if you haven't heard of it) they did an experiment and the fish appeared to learn and retain what they learned.
  by: treyjazz   07/29/2004 11:42 AM     
deserve a decent sized aquarium if they are kept as pets. ask any vet, they would never reccomend a bowl...
  by: boolie     07/29/2004 01:29 PM     
  they're born to die!  
enjoy while you can ANY WAY!
  by: crispyhumanfetus   07/29/2004 10:55 PM     
i really did think that they had that short of memory.... didnt even consider it a myth lol, thanks for the info!
  by: inpherno3   07/30/2004 06:43 AM     
  These fish  

Aren't the only ones with a "distored view of reality..."

If fish have Rights, so do my flowers!

  by: verboten   07/30/2004 04:47 PM     
  Oh the humanity!  
If they are going to ban things with “distorted views of reality” then Fox (or more appropriately Faux) News should be the first thing on the list.
PS: when my fish read this they all walked out of the fishbowl in protest. Right now the are flopping on the floor doing an oxygen strike trying to win sympathy and support for their cause.
I’m thinking of baiting up the hook with them and catching something big enough to eat.
  by: valkyrie123     07/30/2004 05:16 PM     
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