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                 01/21/2018 07:34 AM  
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08/01/2004 08:07 AM ID: 41679 Permalink   

Coffee Made From Cat Feces is The latest Buzz


The latest buzz in coffee circles is Kopi Luwak coffee. It is the talking point due to the unique way it comes from the plant to the cup. The fruit of the coffee is eaten by a Luwak, or palm civet, a feral cat native to Indonesia.

When the acids in the cats stomach digest the fruit surrounding the coffee bean, the bean begins to ferment. It is thought this fermenting process gives the beans a unique flavor. The beans are then passed by the cat and scooped up at $600 per pound.

Despite being around feces testing on the bean showed a lesser amount of bacteria than a control type of bean, and the food scientist Prof. Massimo Marcone, from the University of Guelph, says only negligible amounts of enteric organisms were found.

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Cat Poop Coffee is the Shizzle
... and as much as i love coffee I dont think i will try it, I am sticking to community coffee
  by: juleslady2   08/01/2004 08:27 AM     
  can't help myself...  
but i'll bet that's a crappy cup of coffee...

yuck yuck
  by: devolver   08/01/2004 12:15 PM     
  Wake up and smell the... oh, never mind  
And of course it's $600 a pound you'd have to pay those guys a lot to go around being a pooper-scooper all day.

I wonder if this coffee catches on and they need to mass produce it, will they give the cats some sort of laxative?
  by: woger     08/01/2004 03:02 PM     
  I always thought,  
that if you put a high enough price tag on it some people would eat crap. I rest my case! These people just decided to drink it.
  by: Crystal Clukey   08/01/2004 04:56 PM     
Robin Williams once said that Gucci could paint three stipes on a turd and sell it. I guess he was right.
  by: lurker     08/01/2004 08:07 PM     
  by: lurker     08/01/2004 08:08 PM     
Nothing like a good old cup of steaming cat shit to wake you up in the morning eh?
  by: RomJeremy   08/02/2004 06:39 AM     
  Totally sick!  
By the way-this is an old story .
This one was first posted on Short News
about 18 months ago.
  by: cavador   08/02/2004 09:14 AM     
I can't help but be curious as to how they get a cat to eat coffee beans in the first place.

  by: DeepSand   08/02/2004 09:35 AM     
my cats don't like a lot of cat food. They might play with coffee beans, but they would nover eat them.
  by: lurker     08/02/2004 07:12 PM     
  Yeah but  
Your cat won't eat that stuff, but this isn't a normal house cat.
  by: gIMpSta     08/03/2004 07:58 PM     
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