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                 02/23/2018 01:25 PM  
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08/05/2004 05:51 PM ID: 41800 Permalink   

Topless beach banning old women


If you are a woman over 60 and want to bare it all....don't go to Romania. The police there are requesting a ban to deny them the right for a full tan.

The police claim they are sickened by the sight of all these elderly women going topless.

The beach has more elderly women than younger women and the Constanta county officials want to promote more tourism.

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  Police are sickened?  
Talk about your self-righteous |3astards. Most of the police I know are overweight and out of shape. I don’t think they have much to talk about. What are the police doing checking out women on the beach anyway? Why aren’t they spending tax dollars catching criminals? This is so sexist it makes me sick. Are they going to ban guys with micro-penis? I doubt it, because all the cops would be banned from the beach.
Sorry the filters got turned off. Now do you want to know how I really feel? LOL!
PS: at 99 I’m still stacked like a 15 year old. Ban me!
  by: valkyrie123     08/05/2004 08:55 PM     
got any photos? (now it can be revealed that i and allbets are one and the same, mwahahahahahaha!)
  by: sbenglish     08/05/2004 09:08 PM     
  @sbenglish AKA: allbets  
Yes I do. Where would you like me to send them. LOL!
  by: valkyrie123     08/05/2004 09:16 PM     
send 'em to:, please.
  by: sbenglish     08/05/2004 09:22 PM     
  Pics r on the way  
hope you enjoy as much as i did.
  by: valkyrie123     08/06/2004 01:08 AM     
  I bthought  
it was pretty bloody funny, i'll leave you two to get to know each other a little better now
  by: Necralis   08/06/2004 03:24 PM     
  i need photos  
i need some photos to research and umm

just send them to
  by: groomsy     08/12/2004 06:54 AM     
groomsy, while at it send me some copies.
  by: nimmi   08/17/2004 12:46 PM     
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