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                 02/23/2018 11:32 AM  
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08/08/2004 05:09 PM ID: 41900 Permalink   

Court house security cam captures 'ghost' on video


A $75,000 security system recently installed in the Kent County Court House in Maryland hasn't caught criminals, but rather a series of ghostly images, what appears to be a strange light "walking" up some stairs.

"It didn't show up to the eye," said a security officer, "but it showed up on tape." Security workers first saw it while watching a tape recorded July 29; the "ghost" appeared live on the system for more than an hour the following day.

After seeing the image, one worker walked up the stairs and saw nothing. But downstairs, employees said they saw the light stopping when the man stopped and starting again when he started. He stepped through it once, saying he felt a "chill."

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  Any link to a video? NT  
  by: treyjazz   08/08/2004 09:10 PM     
  probly not yet  
they need some time to edit some completely boring files, to make them a little interesting :P
  by: kakakikikaki   08/09/2004 12:18 AM     
hope they release the video it should rawk.
  by: woger     08/09/2004 12:25 AM     
and woger? (I'm assuming you are being sarcastic). What makes you skeptical about the existance of ghosts? To me it is funny that a lot of people believe in life after death, God, angels, the Devil, demons, etc. but don't believe in ghosts. Doesn't really make sense does it? Because none of those things can be scientifically proven. Why must they always be hoaxes? Probably because if skeptics started believing in ghosts then they would feel like they would feel frightened about whether there were ghosts around them all the time?
  by: treyjazz   08/09/2004 04:17 AM     
yes God has been proven, if not by the bible then by science, there are alot of things that has happend in the bible/early ages that noone can explain but god himself, if there ghosts in this world or not good, i think its there minds playing tricks with them
  by: groomsy     08/09/2004 05:01 AM     
Actually that's not the case. There is no way to do experiments to see if God exists. That is the reason that the belief in God is called 'faith'. The Bible was written by men who passed on a story from a self-proclaimed son of God -- not really scientific imo. I do believe in God btw.
  by: treyjazz   08/09/2004 05:48 AM     
good point. Just what if religions started praising ghosts that they were "real" so on and so forth. Than everyone will start following what the preacher says.... basically how they live their lives on a story novel called the bible.
  by: inpherno3   08/09/2004 06:46 AM     
  Ghosts were considered  
holy-ghost way back in times .. in my research i bumped into related phenomena writtings .. got to remember though, way back then humans were VERY VERY primitive -(human sacrifices, unaware drug induced visions, etc) .. people back then were killed for entertaining thoughts on flying in the sky, for that was the God(s) area only .. Ghost phenomena have been around for along time ...
  by: SeventhGene   08/09/2004 05:09 PM     
can there be a Holy Ghost yet no ghosts exist?
As has already been said, there is no proof of God, merely man's faith in Him. Scientifically, the facts would say that there is no God. Dinosaurs, and the millions of years that the earth has been in existence do not mesh with the story of creation and the timeline of the Bible.
  by: sjava     08/09/2004 05:31 PM     
  skeptical until proven  
i remain skeptical of most anything "supernatural". be it ghosts, gods, demons, devils and angels, in my opinion they are all myth until proven otherwise, and the proof isn't there.

the fact that they haven't been disproven beyond doubt, doesn't imply that they are proven. in my opinion if entities known as ghosts, gods, demons, devils and angels haven't been proven in the time they have been believed to exist, then they probably don't. the people that believe in such have had more than suffient time to prove the existance of such beings.

i personally have absolutely no belief at all in ghosts, gods, demons, devils and angels.
  by: HAVOC666     08/09/2004 05:35 PM     
"Dinosaurs, and the millions of years that the earth has been in existence do not mesh with the story of creation and the timeline of the Bible."

the earth has been for a few billion, i think its 4.6 billion although biblical scholars say about 6000-6005, although dinosaurs date back over 10000 times further than that, and what about single cell organisms i think they date back 4 billion years.
  by: HAVOC666     08/09/2004 05:47 PM     
well, billions are just a lot of millions, yes? ;)
  by: sjava     08/09/2004 05:59 PM     
  well yes but...  
its easier to say 4.6 billion than 4600
  by: HAVOC666     08/09/2004 06:24 PM     
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