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                 02/26/2018 03:58 AM  
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08/12/2004 08:15 PM ID: 42050 Permalink   

Bush tries to win back Nevada voters angry over nuclear dump


Nevada, a state George W. Bush won in the 2000 presidential election, is now a battleground state as some voters are angered over a decision to locate the nation's nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain. Bush rallied Republicans there today.

According to recent polls, the issue is a matter that stirs up such strong feelings that it is giving Sen. John Kerry some headway there. Bush has tried to paint Kerry as switching sides on the issue of whether to place a waste dump at Yucca Mt.

But though Kerry voted for some provisions to allow dumps in the state, he always voted against the simple measure of locating the nation's nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain. Republicans say the issue is Kerry's only advantage in Nevada.

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  we have to dump that mess somewhere  
no matter where we would go ..people would complain..the good news is that most people in Neveda don't even vote.
  by: TOBYKIETH     08/12/2004 08:22 PM     
  TK, well thats not surprising...  
i think its estimated that only 50% of eligible voter actually vote.
  by: HAVOC666     08/12/2004 08:50 PM     
  Another case of NIMBY syndrome. *rolls eyes*  
"Not in my backyard!"

Well it has to be in somebody's backyard, you idiot bastards!
  by: Yare     08/13/2004 04:19 AM     
lets put it in Bush's
Nothing but dumb Texans there anyway(sorry sbenglish not you)
  by: emp3r0r     08/13/2004 04:46 AM     
put it in yours then
  by: Necralis   08/16/2004 01:31 AM     
  I say  
dump it in Afghanistan - they need jobs anyhow.
  by: woger     08/16/2004 01:39 AM     
put it in yours then

by: Necralis"***

Well, trains carrying nuclear waste routinely travel through my city, if that counts on a local level.

On the state level, we have 4 nuclear power plants in California and countless nuclear subs and aircraft carriers use out ports.

More importantly, we ought not to put it in my backyard because some tink tank at the federal level already decided that Nevada is the best place to store the nuclear waste. Best not to regress to a 2nd-rate dump ste.

Though there is a lot of room in Death Valley for this kind of thing.

Nothin like this will ever happen in California because of all the crazy ass environmentalists here.
  by: Yare     08/17/2004 02:07 AM     
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