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                 02/22/2018 06:01 AM  
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08/18/2004 11:30 PM ID: 42219 Permalink   

Woman Hit By Meteorite While Doing Laundry


The odds of someone coming across or even being hit by a meteorite are considered small and miniscule. Despite this, Pauline Aguss seemed to buck the odds when she was struck by a meteorite fragment while hanging out her laundry.

While hanging her laundry, Aguss felt a pain coming from her arm, when she noticed a cut. "It looked black, and peculiar. I went indoors and put a plaster on." The next day, her husband found an odd-shaped rock on the path near their yard.

Said Aguss, "That is when we realized it might have been a meteorite and now, after talking to people who know about these things, we are 99 percent certain." The odds of being hit by a meteorite are billions to one.

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  These things  
punch holes through cars when they hit, maybe someone threw a stone in the air.
Theres no way a meteorite could hit someone and cause mild bruising.
  by: Necralis   08/19/2004 12:39 AM     
  Unless... bounced off of something before it hit her, but it would still be hot enough to cause serious burns. I doubt if it was a meteorite, also.
  by: lurker     08/19/2004 01:20 AM     
  You Be The Judge.....  
Here is a link to the picture of the meteorite fragment.
  by: wabbitstu     08/19/2004 01:31 AM     
  Kinda looks like pavement  
but didn't she say she was grazed? Dunno what it was.
  by: McDumpster   08/19/2004 02:37 AM     
  i think it's creditable  
I mean guys, when was the last time you were hit by a Meteorite? it's not as if anyone here can speak from experience.

Meteorite's don't have to necessarily be large regardless, and they don't have to be on fire or whatever they were in the last sci fi movie you watched. What's happened to her is quiet possible.
  by: mrmobsoft   08/19/2004 11:08 AM     
  no after  
dropping from 300miles up, you do have to be on fire, there is absolutly no way a 5cm diamter sphere fell from orbit, hit somone, and didnt punch through them, one only a few centemetres bigger then that one punched a hole through the engine block of a truck and then half buried itself into the concrete path the truck was parked on.

Somone threw a stone that hit her.

Unless possible, a meteor did hit somewhere, and on impact it shattered and this bit flew off, it would still be several thousand degrees.
  by: Necralis   08/19/2004 01:14 PM     
Actually, meteorites are hardly ever hot to the touch when they hit the earth. They are usually somewhat cold or even frozen like ice. When they enter the earths atmosphere at around 30,000 miles per hour, compession forms in front of the meteorite causing combustion. However, the combustion never actually touches the meteorite, but it forms a pocket of very cold air in between the two causing the meteorite to loose all of its heat and gradually getting colder and colder. This space also causes layers of rock to peel off of the meteorite and if there is any meteorite left after the initial entrance, then it will free fall at about 200-250 mph getting even colder before it smacks the earth. There has been many cases of meteorite injuries in the past that caused only minor injuries like bruises, cuts, etc.
  by: chud247   08/19/2004 02:27 PM     
  thats a fair sized lump of rock...  
its the size of that dudes fist in the picture. If that fell off a roof onto my arm / head it'd hurt a lot.
  by: koultunami     08/19/2004 03:16 PM     
  1 in a Billion? She should play the lotto n/t  
  by: imsasy2u     08/19/2004 03:45 PM     
id say shes out of luck now.
  by: ShuggaBear   08/19/2004 08:59 PM     
the metorite hits air particles its way down, that causes friction, friction raises the temperqature of the asteroid.
If what you said was true, the shuttle wouldnt have blown up 18 months ago
  by: Necralis   08/19/2004 10:25 PM     
No, the meteorite never gets to extreme temperatures. The rock is going so fast that air cannot form around it fast enough. Instead, the rock is actually pushing the air and it slowly trickles around the rock but the air that is being pushed causes compression which combusts at extreme temps. Read any new encyclopedia or an online article on how meteorites work.
  by: chud247   08/20/2004 11:13 PM     
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