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                 01/22/2018 09:17 AM  
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08/24/2004 06:19 PM ID: 42342 Permalink   

WWI Soldiers Frozen in Glacier


An Italian historian found three WWI bodies of soldiers frozen in Peio Italy.

The amateur historian and president of a war museum said that the three soldiers were shot dead in a battle to retake the peak of San Matteo in 1918.

The bodies were found in top condition with hair and all features in tact. A funeral is planned for today.

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  yea ryte  
yo probably usama bin laden is tryen to run a mission with dham so they shud be left alone
  by: 111disco   08/25/2004 05:26 AM     
pretty amazin still
  by: 111disco   08/25/2004 05:27 AM     
  Yes, amazing!  
If these soldiers had been discovered with unchewed food in their mouths [like frozen Siberian wooly mammoths], and by
evolutiionary archeologists, then they might have been declared prehistoric cavemen! Instead they will be remembered with honor, not slandered! Science is simply wonderful! ;-)
Yes, amazing!
  by: Luhker     08/26/2004 02:25 AM     
  Now thats cool!  
haha u get it?!?! cool! haha
  by: GeneralSpecific   08/26/2004 10:12 PM     
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