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                 01/21/2018 01:39 PM  
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08/31/2004 04:43 AM ID: 42513 Permalink   

Motorcycle Builder "Indian Larry" Dies


A custom motorcycle builder known as "Indian Larry" suffered head injuries and died after a stunt at an arena outside Charlotte, NC. He was standing on the moving motorcycle when it went out of control. He was not wearing a helmet.

"Indian Larry" was well known in the custom motorcycle business and had been featured on cable TV's The Discovery Channel in motorcycle building competitions.

"Indian Larry was a man with great skill and talent as a mechanic and metal sculptor," said Robert Freeman, chairman of the county board of commissioners. "He will be truly missed by his fans here in Cabarrus County and throughout the nation."

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  We’ll miss you Larry.  
Q. Know what they call motorcycle riders that don’t wear helmets?
A. Organ donors.
I was hit by a car when I was 17 and would have been killed if it had not been for my helmet. The helmet was trashed, my head was……OK I guess. I still ride, guess I didn’t learn much.
  by: valkyrie123     08/31/2004 03:15 PM     
  Not surprised....  
....he stayed true to his motto, but after seeing him on tv a few times, I thought to myself that it won't be long before he gets hurt pulling off those tricks. So true.
  by: groulix   08/31/2004 04:13 PM     
  yes, true to his motto...  
Does anyone remember what it was? You can see it from a mirror, and it would read something different then a normal view. Forgot what it was... Well, I commismerate with the rest of the world. Indian Larry was a great guy, and I hope to see a tribute on the Discovery Channel some day.
  by: friedhumanfetus   08/31/2004 08:46 PM     
  His motto is/was....  
...In God we trust, vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord, no fear"
  by: groulix   08/31/2004 09:14 PM     
  a metal sculptor eh?  
Why didn't he sculpt himself a helmet then? They took our jobs!
  by: lumpyburrito   08/31/2004 09:20 PM     
  If you ever watched his show on Discovery  
he says he completely trusts his life in God, and trusts his will to guide him in life. He was a fatalist, and as his motto says, he has no fear. Thus, he does not believe wearing safety gear since if he is going to die, he will die and not a helmet in the world can save him.
  by: friedhumanfetus   08/31/2004 09:37 PM     
  ride hard die fast  
its a bid loss to the bike building easy bro
  by: jhnsy021   08/31/2004 10:30 PM     
let those ride decide !!!!!
  by: jhnsy021   08/31/2004 10:37 PM     
  rest in peace....  
I meet him last summer, at Myrtle. he's really a nice man. It's sad his is gone, perhaps over something he could have prevented..but, on the flip side, he went out like he wanted. living large and doing it his way...No fear!! I won't be standing on my bike, but I understand the lack of helmit. Let those who ride descide. thanks Larry. you educated me, enlightened me and I am gonna miss you.
  by: tattoo junkie   09/01/2004 04:53 PM     
  A hero rides off into the Sunset  
I've read all your comments on Helmets. And some of you can argue "Helmets save lives" all you want. Fact is, Bike enthusiasts of all walks of life will tell you Larry was the best. A better rider, artist, and human being than any of you who think it's an oppurtune time to make a joke. If you really wanted to make a statement about helmets, make a factual one. Bikes are dangerous, helmet or not. I'd speak of him as an example in that case. That no matter how good you are, you should never forget about safety.

Larry, where ever you are right now, I want to to know, Thank you. I loved growing up hearing all the stories about you from your mother, and it made her so proud. I was always inspired by how you were able to take the negative and make it positive. Larry, you were a hero and inspiration to us all, and I'm proud some of the same blood runs in our veins.
  by: q-tip   09/22/2004 03:55 AM     
  Another tatooed Brooklynite bit the dust  
  by: MmmMan     10/21/2004 09:41 PM     
I remember writing that summary. That was awhile ago.
  by: Lurker     10/30/2012 01:24 AM     
  A couple of months...  
before my time. Lol
  by: captainJane     10/30/2012 02:00 AM     
  I would...  
so like to see this site back. We have all changed to much I guess.
  by: captainJane     02/25/2016 11:32 PM     
ive sent you a pm please read it come join us on the virtual side
  by: stonedwookie   02/26/2016 12:18 AM     
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