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                 04/20/2014 10:56 PM  
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09/01/2004 07:12 AM ID: 42552 Permalink   

Convicted sniper Muhammad wants underwear, files, venue change


Before the conclusion of a pretrial hearing, convicted sniper John Allen Muhammad complained to a judge he was being denied access to underwear and all his legal files. A spokeswoman for the Fairfax County, VA Sheriff's Office denied the charges.

Muhammad said his jailers also limited his access to his legal files and mail from his lawyers. His lawyers have argued for two days that there should be a change of venue to get an unbiased jury. The judge promised to investigate.

Fairfax County, Virginia prosecutors seek a second capital murder conviction for the slaying of FBI analyst Linda Franklin. They say thousands of newcomers arriving each year insure easy access to an unbiased jury.

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  Ok then brain's working here - they want an unbiased jury for him, and I'm SURE he was unbiased when he picked the peoople he wanted to gun down, the mom's and dad's who won't be going home to their family, the little boy who is probably stressed about going to school -- um yeah -- I forgot how UNFAIR prison is -- let's make him more comfortable, what an A&&!!!!!!!! I think they should try him as much as need be so he never has chance for parole, b/c some attorney could possibly get him off someday -- and if he has multiple convictions, there wouldn't be a chance in hell! I can't believe the balls of criminals these days -- he was found guilty and all evidence proves he was guilty -- he has nowhere near as many rights as we UPSTANDING citizens do -- UPSTANDING I mean non-murder committing --
off my soap box now and feeling a wee bit better I might add.
  by: imsasy2u     09/01/2004 08:38 PM     
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