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                 06/29/2016 12:51 PM  
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06/29/2016 09:21 AM
emilydavids11 receives 20 Points for Comment about 'Rambo Conquers the World'
06/28/2016 07:01 PM
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09/01/2004 11:16 AM ID: 42554 Permalink   

Yankees suffer worst loss in history of club


With 22 runs on 22 hits and 1 error the Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees for there worst loss in their history.

The Indians scored 9 runs in the first three innings off of Yankee starter Javier Vazquez, and then scored 13 more runs in the last 6 innings.

"It's not like we ended their season or anything," said Blake, who had an RBI in two official at-bats. "It's just one game, and they'll be back tomorrow and we will, too."

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It was an interesting game. ^_^
  by: cndngrleh   09/01/2004 02:45 PM     
  Yankees Suck  
This is the year of the Red Socks. Maybe the dreaded "curse of the Bambino" that has haunted Boston for decades is dead.
  by: drewb   09/01/2004 04:25 PM     
  one month to go-too early to say "Yankees suck"  
Every team has a bad game. The Yankees have had a rough time this year with starting pitching but its offensive kicks serious ass. Many of the starters are still warming up for September and the post-season. The curse lives on!!!!
  by: JFURY     09/02/2004 12:32 AM     
i still gaurentee you The Cubs will win the world series, its not impossible for a wild card team
  by: groomsy     09/02/2004 05:41 AM     
  love it  
I hate the Yankees with a passion. It is good to see they got embarassed.
  by: TOBYKIETH     09/02/2004 03:41 PM     
My idea of heaven is a Cubs/Red Sox world series.
  by: drewb   09/02/2004 05:58 PM     
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