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                 02/23/2018 11:02 PM  
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09/04/2004 01:35 PM ID: 42644 Permalink   

Woman Had Sex With Her Son's 15-Year-Old Classmate


A 35-year-old woman from Des Moines is in serious trouble for having sex with her son's 15-year-old classmate. She is facing charges for sexually abusing the boy.

The victims mother originally thought, her son spent time at the woman's house to visit a friend. She started becoming suspicious when the 35-year-old woman started to buy expensive outfits for the boy.

Finally, the mother talked to her son. He told her about his sexual relationship with his classmate's mother. Then, he ran away from home. His mother has been looking for him for more than a month now.

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She looks ugly, why would a 15 year old find this woman attractive?

What is it with you American kids? A genetic disorder or something? Even with the gifts and stuff, she's definitely on the 'NO WAY! List'.

  by: BOBBYKEITH   09/05/2004 02:53 AM     
  In A Word  

Beer is second place.

Hormones - Helping ugly people have sex since the world began!

  by: DeepSand   09/06/2004 04:11 AM     
MAN SHES THE UGLIEST GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN! Sorry for all the caps but, I remember with another crime like this where the boy had relationships with his teacher but man she was hot. But this boy has got some problem.
  by: EpyonJanus   09/06/2004 05:08 AM     
This woman is realy sick...
  by: blade5050   09/06/2004 07:49 AM     
"serious trouble" .... haha
  by: trippedn007   09/06/2004 10:00 AM     
I don't believe it was her FACE he was interested in.
  by: firstsgtmike   09/06/2004 07:12 PM     
so fuc*en gross!!! Those kids suck
  by: biohazard   09/07/2004 02:03 AM     
  That's His Mom, Fools  
If you fools would read the article, you'd see that those pictures are of his mom, not the woman he's f'ing. I'd want to get away from her too!
  by: qwerty000   09/07/2004 04:51 AM     
I see two pictures-one of the mom and one of the woman who supposedly had sex with the teen. Look at the link and see the two pics under the mom's pic.
  by: JFURY     09/07/2004 05:09 AM     
  why is this news?  
this happens in my area all the damn time. some even consider it a badge of honor (understandable, to a degree, being that you're trying to land a 30something year old woman). so where's the story? why is this important?

For some reason, media outlets like to play roulette with the stories they tell us about. That's why, every so often, you'll find that a kidnapping gets national coverage. do you know how many kidnappings happen daily? These things are all daily occurrances, and instead of a "cover all or cover none" policy, media outlets basically choose from a hat which deserve national attention. it's ridiculous.
  by: Froman2686     09/07/2004 06:47 PM     
  What is it about  
so many women having sex with teenagers lately? Is it in the water? Why is this all coming out of the wood work? My boyfriend had sex with his french teacher in high school and he was thought to be a God -- that was about 7 years ago -- this boggles my mind, why it's all out in the open now, or is it just being reported on MORE now?
  by: imsasy2u     09/07/2004 09:49 PM     
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