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                 04/23/2014 02:01 PM  
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09/12/2004 09:55 AM ID: 42854 Permalink   

Australian Greek Orthodox Bishop Killed in Greece


An Australian Greek Orthodox Bishop, from Adelaide South Australia, has been killed in northern Greece in a helicopter crash. Also among the dead, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Alexandria.

Up to 16 people were on board, including the Archbishop and Bishop, which went down off the Greek coast. They were headed to Mount Athos, one of the holiest places in the Orthodox religion.

Bishop Nektarios was responsible for establishing the church in Madagascar, Mauritius and Reunion, which he became head of. He built schools, and setup health and support services. A service was held this morning at St Nektarios monastery, Adelaide.

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Could a CC/CM please fix the error in the title? Orthodoc should be Orthodox.
Sorry, Im kind of upset, I knew the Bishop.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     09/12/2004 11:07 AM     
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