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                 01/19/2018 09:56 PM  
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10/03/2004 02:42 PM ID: 43422 Permalink   

Mother Arrested for Having Sex With Her Two Teenage Sons


A 35-year-old woman from Kitchener, Ontario pleaded guilty to having sex with her two sons on different occasions. According to investigators, the two teenagers didn't live with their mother, because their parents are divorced.

During a visit at their mom's house, she gave alcohol to the two boys. Later, when she was alone with one of her sons, they started to talk about his girlfriend and sex. They began to take off their clothes and had sex with each other.

During a second stay at their mom's house, the other son told her that he had sexual fantasies about her. They also had sex with each other. A few days later, the woman admitted her crimes at a detoxification clinic. She was arrested immediately.

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  Oh dear god...  
mom... whatcha doin? mom? no mom, dont take that off!? oh god no! stoppit... ah what the hell, some here you fine piece of ass.

  by: koultunami     10/03/2004 04:43 PM     
holy crap! I don't think you can live that one down. I mean good god! Time to commit suicide.
  by: Status-Quo   10/03/2004 06:42 PM     
Moms are like mopeds, they are fun to ride till your friends see yas on'em.


This is really sick if its true. I feel sorry for these people.
  by: firemedicntx   10/03/2004 10:03 PM     
that is really really wrong.

ugh! seriously, how?
  by: JooK   10/04/2004 04:15 AM     
  Funny thing is..  
A few days ago some people were making fun of some backward-ass West Virginian family shooting at each other. I think this is much much worse. I'm not sure how far out there you have to go to get to this point in your life, but it's just nasty.
  by: RomJeremy   10/04/2004 05:09 AM     
Your right!

They were calling the Virginians inbred, HA!

This is inbreeding!
  by: firemedicntx   10/04/2004 03:19 PM     
  Oh and  
What does the mom look like anyway?

Does anybody have a link to her pics? lol

Just kidding.

  by: firemedicntx   10/04/2004 03:21 PM     

I'm sure they all enjoyed it while it lasted.

  by: verboten   10/04/2004 03:24 PM     
  So where are all the canadian a**holes  
that think canada is soooo perfect and the only bad things happen in the US?
  by: boyblue737   10/04/2004 05:53 PM     
christ i've done silly things whilst drunk, but ewwwwwwwwwww
  by: Necralis   10/04/2004 06:06 PM     
Seriously though I've heard of areas within Canada that inbreeding was such a very troublesome thing they had to seperate the family because they were getting diseased and deformed. I'm talking generations of inbreeding not just the one time, and it does happen everywhere lol sick but true. Canada isn't immune from anything the U.S. goes through even though it might seem like that at the present moment.

bleh gross!
  by: morph   10/04/2004 06:33 PM     
  What the hell?  
I'm from Kitchener, believe me, this is very embarrassing to the city. Especially since I seen it here first. Other then that, everyone else around here are pretty much normal.
  by: jeffster   10/05/2004 03:34 AM     
Why would anybody do this? This just gives me the chills
  by: thedrewman   10/07/2004 05:11 AM     
  I can't even imagine my parents doing it...  
oh God...I just did... I'm going to be sick now...
  by: redheadedwonder   10/08/2004 10:14 PM     
  @boyblue737 and morph  
boyblue: You gotta be kidding me, one count of incest doesnt mean the whole province/country is doing it. Big difference between lets say, a mother screwing her 2 sons and 2 sons killing 20 people in a high school THATS SOME F***** UP SH*T!

morph: wth are you talking about there are absolutely no "inbreed town" at least not where I come from, you guys gotta try and find something else to make you feel better about your country gone sorry you have to blame canada for it

  by: Pas Content   02/05/2005 05:27 PM     
That town must be in the south, around Texas or so... ;)
Not only are they inbred, but they shoot themselves! AND HAVE 3 EYES! CAN YOU IMAGINE! AND THEY ARE ABOUT 2 FEET TALL GOD DAMN! And have green skin too.

No such town exist.

And were all inbred to some degree.
  by: Alfred_Allaire   02/05/2005 06:26 PM     
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