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                 01/19/2018 10:06 PM  
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10/06/2004 12:46 AM ID: 43477 Permalink   

Puppet "Oral Sex" Could Land South Park Creators an NC-17


Because marionettes simulate oral sex in "Team America: World Police," South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker might see their movie getting an NC-17 rating. This rating can hurt movie attendance.

They have altered this oral sex scene 9 times for the MPAA. Producer Scott Rudin says: "our characters are made of wood and have no genitalia. If the puppets did to each other what we show them doing, all they'd get is splinters."

Parker wonders why the marionette oral sex scene is making such a big stir when the MPAA appears to overlook violent scenes such as when a fire is set on a Tim Robbins puppet and a Susan Sarandon puppet falls 20 feet off a building.

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This is just gonna rock!!!!
  by: HiSpace     10/06/2004 12:50 AM     
MPAA lets everything go. Hell, they gave Freddy Got Fingered an R rating :/ I mean come on, simulated oral sex is in our commercials, in our tv shows and probably in more other movies than we can count. So lets not pretend this is a big deal.
  by: seniorgato     10/06/2004 01:25 AM     
I really love how the people critisizing these movies and giving them ratings are the sickest bastards of all.

Stupid, just stupid.
If it is NC-17, I'll get a friend
from the theatre to sneak me in.
  by: JooK   10/06/2004 03:18 AM     
  Title is misleading  
Puppet "Oral Sex" Could Land South Park Creators an NC-17

its not the movie SOUTH PARK, its WORLD POLICE, so it should say ' Puppet " Oral Sex" Could Land World Police : blah an NC-17"
  by: larditardio   10/06/2004 03:26 AM     
it's not misleading.

it says south park creators.
  by: gimpsta     10/06/2004 04:35 AM     
The title's not misleading dude, unless you're just smoking a bowl or being funny or something.
  by: HiSpace     10/06/2004 04:53 AM     
I understood it perfectly fine
  by: inpherno3   10/06/2004 05:49 PM     
  as did i  
I understood it. And I was probably smoking a bowl at the time! bahaha
  by: gIMpSTa     10/06/2004 05:56 PM     
  Stupid rating people  
Why do them people make the ratings? they should let civilians choose what ratings the movies get. Does anybody else care if a movie has puppets doing oral sex in it? I know i don't. Do You?

  by: molerat123   10/07/2004 04:51 PM     
What's the rating of "Crank Yankers"? If you havn't seen it, it's puppets making crank calls to people. I have seen WAY worse then puppet oral sex on crank yankers!!!!
  by: gIMpSTa     10/07/2004 06:56 PM     
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