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                 02/17/2018 10:18 PM  
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10/11/2004 04:55 PM ID: 43596 Permalink   

Sean Penn Writes Angry Letter to South Park Creators


Sean Penn is angry that South Park creator Matt Stone suggested that the US would have better leaders if lazy and apathetic voters chose not to vote. Matt Stone and Trey Parker lampoon Sean Combs’ Vote Or Die in "Team America: World Police."

Penn wrote: "I do mind when anybody who doesn’t have a child, doesn’t have a child at war, or isn’t or won’t be in harm’s way themselves is saying that ’there is no shame in not voting if you don’t know what you are talking about’."

Penn adds that the lives of innocent people in the world are at stake in this election. He signed the letter with a four letter expletive. Stone and Parker say they were "howling with laughter" after reading the letter.

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  Seriously Penn..  
Surely you couldn't have thought these guys would actually take a letter seriously!!!!
  by: daniel2508     10/11/2004 05:01 PM     
"Stone and Parker say they were "howling with laughter" after reading the letter."

That shows their credibility right there. Sean Penn was right.
  by: lurker     10/11/2004 05:01 PM     
  "He signed the letter /w a four letter expletive"  
lol, what a tool and what a really, really cool dude for putting a swear word at the bottom.

I really hope they have enough time to get the letter in the film, some way or another lol.
  by: koultunami     10/11/2004 05:01 PM     
I hope Trey & Matt get the letter framed. I would.
  by: HiSpace     10/11/2004 05:05 PM     
  @HISpace or sell it on eBay ^_^ n/t  
  by: koultunami     10/11/2004 05:13 PM     
  Sean Penn reborn?  
Thats what I want, a divorced, ill tempered, wife beater teaching morals to the rest of the world.

Oh holy Sean, please beat me back into morality.

BTW I was looking for a source for my wife beater comment and found this hilariuos site. don't just read this article, check out the best of BOB too. Prewarning he is polically inccorect but funny as all get out.
  by: borninky   10/11/2004 05:31 PM     
  "Yeah, tell us about the pizza!"  
LOL that's a funny article & site big thanks borinky :)
  by: HiSpace     10/11/2004 05:45 PM     
  lol n/t  
  by: morph   10/11/2004 09:26 PM     
  i agree with the snooty guy  
sometimes you don't need to know a lot about politics to vote. you just look at the country now, ask yourself if you like the way it's going, and depending on your answer decide if you want to keep the current power in charge or not.

people like me haven't been voting... because we look at the political machine, get disgusted, and stay home. dammit, the jaded cynical self-absorbed members of this country have to start participating, you know? look what happens when we don't. look who's left to cast all the ballots.

::hides under asbestos blanket::
  by: ayestiva   10/11/2004 10:43 PM     
  I agree with Matt.  
Though it seems to be an unpopular opinion, it's something I've been saying for years. If you know you can't make an informed decision, you're better off to abstain. Voting at random, or voting without enough information to know what you're voting for is going to do more harm than good. If you can't or won't get the right information, stay out of it, and leave it to those who can and will.

...and I have not voted before on those exact grounds.

How is voting when you have no clue keeping anyone "out of harms way" ?

If the lives of innocent people are at stake, how is an uninformed decision going to save them? I mean it might, but it just as likely won't.
  by: dtyler   10/11/2004 11:31 PM     
  Penn is a dummy  
If he thinks that the election is so important that people who have no business voting should be voting anyway... I mean, how the hell do you think Bush got elected in the first place? :D
  by: fredfredrickson   10/12/2004 10:23 AM     
  whoa there  
you gotta admit, parker and stone have a freakin point. i mean, other than idiots who dont know what the hell is going on and the rich people, who votes for bush?
  by: andydude27   10/12/2004 04:35 PM     
  Why vote?  
If you don't like either Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum, then why vote for either one. Maybe if enough people do not vote, there there will be enough of a block of non-voters for some real candidate to run.
  by: walter3ca   10/12/2004 08:53 PM     
@walter3ca... how can a group of nonvoters be enough of a block for a real candidate to run? The only way to be a candidate is to have enough votes cast for you in the primaries to be on the ballot..

as far as I'm concerned, Penn can go f&#^ himself, he's just another Hollywood moron who thinks that the rest of the world rotates around what he thinks..
  by: sjava     10/12/2004 09:51 PM     
instead of voting for tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum, take your pick from one of the many other candidates... just a thought.
  by: erasedgod   10/12/2004 11:59 PM     
  Sean Penn?  
Sorry, but I think this would make more sence to me, if I'd have actually heard of Sean Penn? Who is he, and whats the deal that he wrote it, or he just a random dumbass that wrong a stupid letter?
  by: Whiskers   10/13/2004 06:09 AM     
  When Sean Penn heard tthat he need not ...  
When Sean Penn heard that he need not speak, read or write English, he felt immediately the role of village idiot was the one he was born to portray.
  by: Luhker     10/14/2004 08:47 AM     
He has to keep his name in the press since leaving Madonna it's not so easy...

Not exactly a big draw at the box office any more.... desperation?

My take anyhow...

  by: Badfinger   10/14/2004 10:57 AM     
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