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                 02/20/2018 08:08 PM  
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10/17/2004 05:10 PM ID: 43738 Permalink   

Bush: "the best way to avoid the draft is to vote for me"


With opinion polls showing that most young voters think Bush would bring back the draft, Bush stated that voting for him is "the best way to avoid" it. Bush repeated that he opposes mandatory military service to an audience in Ohio.

Bush said: "We will not have an all-volunteer army. Let me restate that. We will not have a draft. The best way to avoid a draft is to vote for me."
Bush accuses Kerry of playing politics with this issue and notes Kerry's vote against the $87 bill.

This weekend, Bush also showed up at a Florida stadium, wearing rock star clothing. As both candidates stump, lawyers on both sides are preparing to possible election challenges. A Bush lawyer says "days or weeks" could pass before we have a winner.

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  Rock star clothing  
LOL you gotta admit the country's got Bush fever ;)
  by: HiSpace     10/17/2004 06:00 PM     
  Rock clothing  
He was dressed as Elton John :)
  by: monstrddg   10/17/2004 07:01 PM     
  Bush fever?  
More like the Bush "plague!" Yes, lets support our troops by "firing Bush!"
  by: lurker     10/17/2004 07:19 PM     
"More like the Bush 'plague!' Yes, lets support our troops by 'firing Bush!'"

You can keep your support then.
  by: erasedgod   10/17/2004 10:13 PM     
  I agree  
When it comes to avoiding the draft, Bush is an expert.
  by: ZCT     10/18/2004 12:47 AM     
where can i see a pic of him wearing these rock star clothes?
  by: crx480   10/18/2004 02:25 AM     
  Wait a sec  
""We will not have an all-volunteer army. Let me restate that. We will not have a draft"

The draft isnt a volunteer thing is it? Its mandatory, once you hit a certain age, they take you in wether you want to or not, unless your unfit metnally or physically such as arthritis or something.

Bush says there will be no all-volunteer army under him, but he wont have the draft? WTF IS THIS DRUG ADDICT BLABBERING ABOUT!?

Your not going to have a volunteer army, you wont have the draft. Well then say goodbye to half your army moron, and your military power across the world.

Sorry, but its evident this guy is/has been a big drug user.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     10/18/2004 02:35 AM     
  Hmmmm.... out of context?  
The original article states, "Bush appeared in rock-star fashion at a sports arena in Florida..."

Maybe "fashion" isn't really clothing but in a style like a rock star? After all the rally was held at a sports arena.

Still funny to picture Bush wearing purple sequins like Neil Diamond LOL
  by: HiSpace     10/18/2004 02:36 AM     
isnt Bush the one that started the friggin war? no draft, sure i'll vote for that bastard!
  by: groomsy     10/18/2004 03:26 AM     
I semi-sort of agree with you, altough I don't think its the drugs that did it. I think he said what he actually meant in the first place.

"We will not have an all-volunteer army."

I think he really meant this, that these are his plans. The mind has its ways of tattling on us.

Let me restate that. We will not have a draft."

This is his "correction". What he wants us to hear.

I wonder how many examples of this i could find, and where that research I once saw was again....

  by: PeignMan   10/18/2004 05:39 PM     
  and if u don't voe 4 m3 i win anyway  
we've fixed your voting machines.
  by: MmmMan     10/19/2004 12:08 AM     
  Bush has a point  
It's Kerry who says we needed more troops and it's Democrats who authored and signed onto the bills to resurrect the draft. It's also Kerry's wife who has said he'll have a service corp where 2 years of service will pay for 4 years of college. If you want a draft, vote for Kerry!
  by: athinker   10/21/2004 09:14 AM     
  Didnt Bush  
create the Americorps?
  by: Necralis   10/24/2004 03:47 PM     
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