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                 01/18/2018 08:24 PM  
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10/18/2004 07:42 AM ID: 43758 Permalink   

Uni Student Dies From Apparent LSD Overdose


North Idaho College student Gloria Discerni, 18, died Friday from an apparent overdose of the hallucinogenic drug LSD she took at a party.

Discerni went into a coma after taking a drink laced with 12 doses of LSD from her friend Cameron James Jester, 18, and then some of his beer which had 12 more doses. Police arrested and charged Jester when he went to visit her in the hospital.

Police are still waiting on toxicology reports to see if the drug really was LSD, and if Discerni had any other medications in her or medical conditions that could have caused her death.

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and people say that you cant find acid anymore. 18 hits in one and 12 in the other? damn what was he trying to do with that bottle???
  by: inpherno3   10/18/2004 08:03 AM     
  Yes, wow...  
It completely baffles me why people would still want to take drugs after hearing about an incident like this. Oh, let me take these drugs, I'll feel good for a few minutes, but then I'll be dead as a doornail. Stupid people...
  by: onethirtythreeseven   10/18/2004 02:14 PM     
  Couldn't have been the acid....  
....I know some guy that tried to kill himself by overdosing on acid. He had a bottle of liquid acid, which contains about 150 hits and was drinking it all night. Well needless to say he went psycho, and thought his girlfriend was the devil, so he took out 2 machete's and tried to cut her head off. She received stabs wounds to both arms as she tried to stop the blows. She then ran away and he chased her down and starting chopping her in the back. After she had fallen. He picked her up and threw her through a window. She is ok today, but her ex-boyfriend is now in jail for a amount of time i can't remember. The point of my story is that this guy drank almost the entire bottle and didn't overdose (and he was a small guy, probably 130 lbs.), so I doubt this young woman overdosed.
  by: groulix   10/18/2004 02:27 PM     
  Mixing meds...  
She was probably on some type of medication, pain killers, allergy medicine, something that mixed with the LSD to create a lethal mixture. Then again, some people are more suceptible to drugs and/or alchohol than others. I know a guy who can drink a few bottles of JD without getting so much as a buzz, while others will pass out drunk from one can of beer.
  by: onethirtythreeseven   10/18/2004 02:56 PM     
Yes, heaven forbid that we blame any death on drugs. Drugs are so wonderful. They have never killed anyone. Just like guns have never killed anyone. Sheesh!
  by: lurker     10/18/2004 04:59 PM     
I think your friend was lyeing to you. LSD works by causeing a brain hemorage. A guy around here barely drunk 1/8th of a cup of the stuff and has been locked up in a mental institution for the last 10 years.
  by: knadidas25   10/18/2004 05:01 PM     
  First off...this crazy machete wielding guy wasn't  
my friend. He went to the same high school as myself, and i knew his older brother. And having spoke to his brother, and reading the story in the local paper, it did say that this guy had almost an entire visine-sized bottle of acid in his system. I don't know the state of his mental capacity now, but I can imagine that he is probably still hallucinating.

And to lurker, I was just stating its not possible to overdose on a dozen hits of acid. Although the acid most likely contributed to her death, it wasn't the sole contributer.
  by: groulix   10/18/2004 05:17 PM     
  groulix is right  
you cant really die from it, at most you can die from dehydration due to it, or go loopy, or mixed with something else, become a very nasty toxin.
Which is probably what happened here.
  by: Necralis   10/18/2004 05:40 PM     
  sorry but no  
LSD on its own is very hard to overdose (and die) from. There are medications that interact badly with it, however. A few years back was taking a anti-depressant and took a bit too much acid. Needless to say he had a bad trip and is convinced he died that night. (Out of body experience). Anyways, the theory is the anti-depressant caused the LSD to become stronger or some shit. This tends to happen. Also marijuana alone will increase the strength of the acid trip by 2-fold. Not to mention she was probably drinking alcohol like it was her job and who knows what else. Plus, it could've been GHB and not acid at all...
  by: spliff   10/18/2004 06:20 PM     
the acid itself will not really hurt this girl. Acid is the drug of the 70's and Extacy is the drug of today. lots and lots of people have taken acid, this is just one of those "out of the ordinary news worthy mistakes" Acid is very hard to get a hold of now adays. Its fading away, hardly ever made anymore and hardly in circulation. When people hear that acid is going around. They jump on it in SECONDS. I personally have never taken it, but its about the only thing i havnt did. Dont think i'll do it though, i can hardly handle a mushroom trip.... let alone an acid trip.
  by: inpherno3   10/18/2004 06:26 PM     
  sorry but no  
LSD on its own is very hard to overdose (and die) from. There are medications that interact badly with it, however. A few years back was taking a anti-depressant and took a bit too much acid. Needless to say he had a bad trip and is convinced he died that night. (Out of body experience). Anyways, the theory is the anti-depressant caused the LSD to become stronger or some shit. This tends to happen. Also marijuana alone will increase the strength of the acid trip by 2-fold. Not to mention she was probably drinking alcohol like it was her job and who knows what else. Plus, it could've been GHB and not acid at all...
  by: spliff   10/18/2004 06:30 PM     
Some serious dis-info going back and forth here, let me try and put straight some of the other posts first;

"LSD works by causeing a brain hemorage[sic]." Absolutely not true, i'm not gonna bother proving it, it's just a scare story that apparently worked. The story about someone locked away cos he took LSD sounds plain bull but I can't disprove it.

The only info I could find on medication not to use when you are going to be using LSD was something called 'Delysid' but I don't know what medications contain it. They don't for a toxin when taken together they just produce a 'bad trip' with suicidal thought for anything upto a few days.

The LD50 [the amount needed to be taken to kill 50% of the test subjects, ld = lethal dose] of LSD is quite high, but hasn't been very well tested on humans due to the fact it's expensive and not many people are ever going to come across the opportunity to take that much.

"...if one weighed about 80 kg, then the lethal dose would be (estimated) between 16mg and 80mg, or in street terms between about 50 to 250 hits of the strongest blotter acid you can find. e.g ~300 ug/hit]"

There is an account of eight patients taking mg+ lines of LSD thinking they were cocaine and none of them died. After around 12 hours they were back to base line apart from some risidual hallucinations.

There has been one known death related entirely due to LSD intake, but a large amount was injected after it was thought to be speed.

All this info was found with a simple google search. Educate yourselves, and forgive any typos :)
  by: retox   10/18/2004 06:30 PM     
  sorry big mistake  
Delysid = LSD, lol
I thought i'd corrected it but obviously not. I'd corrected it to say that LSd isn't to be taken by anyone with suicidal thoughts as it will just emphasis any emotion your are feeling when you take it. So if your feeling down it might make you feel even worse and give you suicidal thoughts for a few days after.
Again, sorry, a big mistake I know.
  by: retox   10/18/2004 06:34 PM     
  when you  
eat anything, its broken down in your stomach, sometimes this can create two completely harmless chemicals, that when mixed are very deadly.
  by: Necralis   10/18/2004 06:34 PM     
very good point. different chemicals are produced once breakdown has occured in the stomach. Which could make for a lethal dose of JUST the right things w/ LSD.
  by: inpherno3   10/18/2004 07:01 PM     
....don't let your bad mushroom experience discourage you from acid. I to can barely handle a mushroom trip these days, although i've had approximately 100 good trips, i've also had about 5 or 6 really bad trips. And the bad ones definately outweigh the good ones. I've only taken acid a handful of times, but everyone has been good. As you probably already know, havig a good mindset before tripping is crucial in having a positive trip, and only take a small amount. I've heard a tonne of horror stories involving acid, but the main thing that these people always leave out, is the fact they they've ingested mulitple hits.

btw, my "n" key doesn't work very well, so don't mind the typos that are missig the n character.
  by: groulix   10/18/2004 07:28 PM     
  Thank god for the good old natural...  
Marijuana. Thats all I gotta say after reading all this shit about man made drugs and the chemicals. I lost a friend last week due to a deadly dose of Oxycontin a 200mg red pill. His buddy which he trusted gave it to him and told him it would stuff him up. All this shit in my life made me think and now I thank god for the good old natural cannabis herb. I understand that every human wants to intoxicate himself at times, most people due it with the use of deadly man made drugs,like alcohol , pills... If it wasn't for marijuana, just think about it everyone would be getting drunk or taking pills?!?! When your at a party where would the friendly pot head be to stop the stupid drunken fights??
Well my choice is made and when I feel like altering my conscience I chose Cannabis which doesn't kill no one.
  by: Mr.G   10/18/2004 10:11 PM     
  Marijuana causes  
  by: Necralis   10/18/2004 10:17 PM     
  Still Waiting 4 that flashback  
I must be owed 1,000.
  by: MmmMan     10/18/2004 11:50 PM     
  after reading  
all these comments, and finninshing to laugh at some, i decided to add my two cents. first the worst thing that can happen to a recreational user or even power user is that they believe that they are a banna or an orange, ect. only the truley crazy could do any serious damage to their system with lsd. i myself have taken over 600 hits of lsd, from gel caps to liquid, and tabs and i have never had a flashback yet, and i have been clean from it for about 3 years. i never had a bad trip (rare, ill be the first to admit) and the most i ever took at once though was 10 tabs. i have been places in my mind that are indescribable, and have had thaughts and insights that would have made aerostotal proud, but that is not my point. my friend who was a real 'crack head' in other words would take whatever and however much you put in front of him has taken something like 25 hits at once, and much stronger then what that girl took. lsd is mesured in micrograms,and fyi in the 60's a tab had something like 450 micro grams, and today the good ones have something like 200 and if your 'lucky' you might find a 250 micro gram. the amount this girl ingested is nothing compared to what people used to take (ever heard of electric cool aid, i pitcher of coolade, and a full vial [100 hits] of lsd, stir, and enjoy ;-) )and was not able to be the cause of her death. the toxicolagy report will probally show whe was on anti depressants, and probally other medication ant the combination af the medication and alcahol, which actually did kill a friend of mine.
  by: ganjaman22     10/19/2004 03:43 AM     
Not only is my wife a nurse, but I had a friend addicted to OC's (oxicontin(sp?)) for months, and I know for sure they dont make pills larger then 80mg's.

If you can disprove me, please be my guest. And as for lsd, She may have overdoes, no one knows why argue the thing I dont get, did she know they were in the drink? If they didnt, when her world started falling apart who knows, maybe her body just shut down, weirder shit has happened.
  by: RoBBoB     10/19/2004 05:04 AM     
  Set the record strait.  
LSD alone is one of the safest psychoactive drugs known to man. It is only partially synthesized (man made) as the active compound, lysergic acid, is typically derived from the fungus Ergot.

"During the 1950s and early 1960s, LSD experimentation was legally conducted by psychiatrists and others in the health and mental health professions." And, with much success! In fact recently it has shed some of the bad wrap given wrongfully by the government and FDA, and is being researched once again for use in psychotherapy.
Bad press by clueless "reporters" etc. putting ridiculous shock headlines like the one for this story make it difficult to get good unbiased information to the public. The public which is only to willing to hear one side of an argument and think they have gained any real understanding in ANY situation.
On a side note peyote, which contains mescaline (very similar in effects and physiological harmlesness as LSD) has become legal for Native Americans in their religious practices.
Again, ALONE, LSD is harmless however; when combined with antidepressants, as has been stated before, it can have detrimental effects to the user. There's no doubt that LSD did not kill this girl. It does not reach ones stomach and become a different mystery substance that may be harmful.
It is not a psychotomimetic. In other words, it does not drive a person crazy. Just to head it off, I'll let you know that there is no strychnine in LSD. In a book by Albert Hoffman (LSD creator) he commented on a case where strychnine powder was sold as LSD, NOT the other way around. Concerning overdose, the one recorded overdose was an injection of approx. 320mg (note, mg is milligrams, NOT micrograms) which would be 320,000 micrograms. This as compared to an average hit or dose containing about 150-250 micrograms. The acid available during the 60's was several times stronger than what has been available in recent decades.

It is disgusting the amount of gross misinformation that has been absorbed by the public concerning this, and many other topics. Some drugs which are used recreationally can be very dangerous, but many have been put into the schedule 1 category due to a lack of research, open mindedness, and support.
You can't take it for granted that even an organization like the FDA is entirely on the level. Look at the track record and all available information before allowing them to make decisions for you. Do that instead of simply swallowing the rhetoric of ill-informed or corrupt officials.
There exist volumes upon volumes of information that I haven't conveyed here, but it's hard not to respond to the staggering ignorance of the 15yr old posters here. (for the most part)
The information presented above can be found here:
or for a real eye opener you can pick up the book Acid Dreams by: Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain.
And because it was mentioned, here's a great link for some up-to-date pertinent information on Marijuana:
  by: Blackfrost   10/19/2004 05:10 AM     

Thats the link to the local news article.

Its a shame that pill even exists why have such a high deadly dose?? I understand the cancer patients need alot but why not have em take more then one smaller dose, this way if the lethal drug does get into the wrong hands, people won't start dieing just because they took ONE deadly pill.
  by: Mr.G   10/19/2004 07:29 AM     
I dont think we are talking about the same pill, after reading that article, maybe there is a difference from canada to the us? Because like I said, they have 10,20,40,and 80. Although I didnt know they had 160mg pills. Here is a link though. Also the pills I know are different in color then what that news article said.

And what is MS oxycontin? what does the ms stand for?
  by: RoBBoB     10/19/2004 04:34 PM     
  ms contin - morphine  
Never heard of "MS oxycontin" but "MS Contin", if thats what you meant, is morphine.
  by: reverend j roach     01/11/2006 08:33 AM     
Lets blame the drugs, the alcohol, the cigarettes, the tomato sauce with its adetives that can burn away your insides, the sugar which if you consume too much can cause diabetes, the coca cola which is bad for pretty much alot of your insides, heck lets blame everything from microscopic organism to the planet Jupiter for our own stupidity in over endulging our selfs.

News flash, practically anything you consume these days is bad for your health. Yes, even tomato sauce.
Yet, all the noise is about drugs which the government has made illegal.
And like good little sheep that we all are, we tow the line and allow the hypocrisy and double standards, which also end up keeping the poor poor, and rich just get richer.

Yes, its these bad drugs that are to blame.

On the one hand we are allowed to kill our selfs with cigaretes, alcohol and many other things that are legal, yet its against the law to do other things.
Mind you, the war on drugs is failing but 'some' people still blow that f*cking trumpet.

Wake up. Your never going to win. Make it safer, legalise it, regulate it. Alot of the drugs people are buying and consuming, even marijuana, is laced with other crap. Hence, why people drop dead all of a sudden.

I could smoke a whole j bag in half an hour, even less, and be fine. I could also smoke a j bag in that same time, but a laced bag and have some rather negative effects.

God ignorance really shits me off these days.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     01/11/2006 09:01 AM     
  Body weight aside  
Physiology plays a role in drug interactions as well. What may be fine for one person may cause an extreme allergy or be extremely toxic to another.
  by: LuxFestinus     01/11/2006 10:03 AM     
A blast from the past. Why was this drudged up?
  by: RoBBoB     01/11/2006 02:51 PM     
  Scare story  
Whatever was in her drink, I seriously doubt it was pure LSD. This is just a scare story. You need to take -gigantic- quantities of LSD to overdose, hundreds, thousands of times more than the level you'll start to notice effects at, possibly even more. I'm quite confident that whatever killed her will have been a.) something else that was mixed into the drink (perhaps so Jester could have sex with her) or b.) some byproduct in the LSD. Most hallucinogens require such high dosages to kill you that you'd probably be sick trying to eat them in the first place; e.g. your own body weight in leaves.
  by: johnuk   03/31/2006 02:03 PM     
  Your friend didnt take lsd  
That is impossible that the substance your friend took was lsd. You would have to do over 12,000ugs to maybe O.D. but even then people have come back. On top of that compared to the 60s and now back then the avereage dose for lsd was 400ugs, now its about 10-40ugs. Your friend probably took E. Do your research before you post something like this, lies like these is the reason this drug is illegal.
  by: prankster   01/27/2008 07:14 PM     
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