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                 01/17/2018 07:53 AM  
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10/20/2004 04:46 AM ID: 43801 Permalink   

Soft Cell Singer in Critical Condition


Marc Almond, lead singer of 80’s band Soft Cell, is reported to be in stable but critical condition following a motorcycle accident in London over the weekend. Almond was a passenger on a motorcycle when they collided with a car on Sunday around 4pm.

The driver of the motorcycle is said to be in serious condition. Almond required surgery for his injuries and is now being monitored in an intensive care unit at The Royal London Hospital.

Soft Cell was best known for their song "Tainted Love" which was the best selling single of 1981 in the UK and 10th best selling in the US. Colleagues from the music industry have sent their best wishes. The family has requested privacy at this time.

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  is it an urban myth ??  
is it an urban myth thet Marc Almond once collapsed on stage after drinking a considerable quantity of horse sperm ...heard that one a few times sounds a little BS to me ?? ( nothing to do with this accident I accept ...just curious if that one has crossed the water )
  by: rory182     10/20/2004 12:27 PM     
  by: sjava     10/23/2004 08:21 PM     
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