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                 01/22/2018 09:17 AM  
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10/25/2004 12:20 AM ID: 43905 Permalink   

Ashlee Simpson Blames It On The Band, Walks Off Stage During Live Broadcast


Pop star Ashlee Simpson had something of a mic malfunction during "Saturday Night Live" last night. A tape of her singing accidentally went off, when her mouth was nowhere near the microphone, as she was about to sing to a live national audience.

Simpson sang one song earlier without incident. Then, as the she was about to sing during a second segment, a recording of her singing the first song came on. Simpson stopped, danced a nervous jig, and then walked off, the band still playing.

At the end of the show Simpson blamed her band for playing the wrong song and apologized. Her record company blamed a computer error for the snafu.

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  Shades of Milli Vanilli  
Blame on the rain, yeah, yeah...
  by: Snicker     10/25/2004 12:21 AM     
  Link to video - very good quality

Other cool stuff on there, too :)
  by: Snicker     10/25/2004 12:34 AM     
  BUT Ashlee really can sing!

Live radio broadcast - unplugged, the guitar breaks and she still sings...
  by: Snicker     10/25/2004 01:38 AM     
Why did she need a tape of her singing? Lip Singing possibly? Can't handle on stage pressure?
  by: fballer23   10/25/2004 01:51 AM     
It's real common for pop stars to do that, that way they don't mess up during live tv or a concert.
  by: erasedgod   10/25/2004 02:17 AM     
  The majority of live pop is lip-synced  
Its very hard to do those complex (and pointless) dance routins while singing, remaining in tone etc etc

So it is usually mimed. and its hardly Milli Vanilli, i thought the big scam with them was it wasnt actually them singing on the records.

This is Ashlee Simpson singing, just her miming thing messed up
  by: koultunami     10/25/2004 02:29 AM     
  LOL grrl u know its tru she cant sing  
she needs a nose job too, my looooooove...
  by: danceswithfatchicks     10/25/2004 02:56 AM     
  Music Industry  
We could stand to lose a few bands and pop groups, the market is too saturated with crap.
  by: mullisoft   10/25/2004 08:26 AM     
  I'll never forget  
Avril Lavigne being criticised for a "low quality" performance at a pop festival. There were comments made about the quality of her sound compared to the other acts at the festival.

Problem was, she really did sing live (in fact, she refuses to lip sync) and no one else at the gig did. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I just wish Ashlee Simpson would stop trying to sell herself as a rock act to get out of her sisters shadow.
  by: NuttyPrat     10/25/2004 10:49 AM     
Meanwhile in the Avril Lavigne television special released to promote her newest CD, she is quoted as saying that she strongly disagrees with lipsynching despite the fact that every piece of concert footage in the special was dubbed with the corresponding studio track and generic audience sounds to make you think it was really a live performance. kewlbeanz~~
  by: Fratley   10/25/2004 12:29 PM     
  poor girl  
one of the guys from Milli Vanilli killed himself over the whole lipsynching thing. Ashlee's a cute kid she deserves better even though she's a pop act.
  by: n1m     10/25/2004 12:36 PM     
well she does look better than jessica and smarter, and can sing better lip synch or not.
  by: groomsy     10/25/2004 04:32 PM     
I've seen her show on MTV and we see her repeatedly being unable to sing. We saw her at either the Grammys or MTV music awards (forget which) and she sucked. Not as bad as Hooberstank, but horrible.

I think she needs to get out of her sisters shadow by doing something else with her life like acting. The only reason she can even release an album is because of the wonderful work of the studios to digitally remake the crap that comes out of her mouth to make it sound acceptable. She did not write the music, she cannot stay in tune, she cannot lip sync. To argue that she is smarter than her sister may be true, but I have two cats and one is smarter than the other. They are still both cats.
  by: ZCT     10/25/2004 06:21 PM     
she should be a "rapper".
  by: lurker     10/25/2004 06:38 PM     
My sister in law, who is sadly a fan, claims she can act. So maybe she should do that and forget singing (or rapping as suggested). Ashlee would be good at playing a spunky rebellious young girl with limited talent and intelligence who looks hot. Unfortunately, my sister in law also claims Ashlee is a great singer, so I have learned to treat her opinions with extreme caution.
  by: ZCT     10/25/2004 06:58 PM     
  You Have to Hand it to the Band  
The band just kept playing, she had a chance to do something, or try to save face, but like most non talent people all she knew to do was run off stage. You would never have seen Linkin park do that, then again,, they write and play their own music.
  by: thedrewman   10/25/2004 11:19 PM     
  it was pretty funny when it happened...  
usually when pop stars lip-synch, its because they also doing choreography, which is fine since they are only doing it to give the audience a better show...seeing as how she is a "rock act" Ashlee is out on this one. normally, i would feel bad about this happening to someone, but i can't stand people like her and Avril who are pop stars but refuse to admit it by claiming the are in "rock bands" (Christina is pretty much in the same category). even if i dont like them, i can at least respect Britney and Jessica because they are ok with who they are.

also, the fact that none of you seemed to know about her being a semi-regular on 7th Heaven (and that being about the extent of her acting) may be a testament to how "great" of an actress she is.

last but not least, i believe she actually got better album sales (at least where she charted for her debut) than her sister, which is a bit ironic since she is so obsessed with not being "in her sisters shadow" (she even has a song about that on her cd)
  by: vertigo_phreeze   10/26/2004 01:37 AM     
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