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                 01/18/2018 08:33 PM  
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10/25/2004 07:29 PM ID: 43921 Permalink   

Ashlee Simpson to get second chance


Singer Ashlee Simpson will get a second chance at a live TV performance tonight at 9pm when she sings at the Radio Music Awards.

Her last live TV appearance ended in controversy after she was forced to walk off stage during a live performance on Saturday Night Live.

In what her record label is referring to as a ‘computer glitch’ her voice was heard singing the wrong song while her microphone was nowhere near her face.

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  This was all a publicity stunt  
brilliant one though.
  by: n1m     10/25/2004 07:34 PM     
  your not really that dumb...  
to believe that was a stunt, are you? she is obsessed with proving herself and not being in her sisters shadow, i am sure that somebody got "ripped a new one" for that mistake.
  by: vertigo_phreeze   10/26/2004 01:50 AM     
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