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                 01/23/2018 11:08 PM  
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10/26/2004 12:59 AM ID: 43927 Permalink   

Cell Phone Filter Allows One to See Through Clothing


Yamada Denshi developed a night vision filter for Vodafone V602-SH cell phones that allows one to see beneath peoples' clothes if the conditions are right. The filter is said to work best when used on dark-colored bikinis.

According to a Vodafone spokeswoman, "We would never go to market with a phone with any kind of capacity to see people naked." She says the company that makes the filter is "not an approved third party."

This make of Vodafone is only available in Japan. Because of issues with voyeurism, many gyms have banned camera phones and South Korea requires that such phones make sounds while they snap pictures.

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  I WANT ONE!!!!!  
Where can I get my hands on one to import to the UK? Sounds awesome :p
  by: daniel2508     10/26/2004 02:14 PM     
  wow saddest invention ever  
You're on the INTERNET with untold Petabytes of porn waiting to be downloaded...

Yet you want to perv at women and young girls (very sinister) by looking thorugh their clothes... wow
  by: koultunami     10/26/2004 02:30 PM     
  Yup :) nt  
  by: daniel2508     10/26/2004 02:32 PM     
  fair enough XD @_@ n/t  
  by: koultunami     10/26/2004 02:48 PM     
  wow saddest invention ever  
You're on the INTERNET with untold Petabytes of porn waiting to be downloaded...

Yet you want to perv at women and young girls (very sinister) by looking thorugh their clothes... wow
  by: koultunami     10/26/2004 03:06 PM     
  Yup :) nt  
  by: daniel2508     10/26/2004 06:06 PM     
  every young boys dream...  
has just been

i'm sure woman would have a use for this
  by: HAVOC666     10/27/2004 01:23 AM     
  Agreed with sadness  
Yea, you have the internet ... Use it. Download porn. Not to mention shareing programs where u can get full movies. I hate stupid people.
  by: ih4xjoo   10/27/2004 05:40 AM     
Funny stuff.
  by: daniel2508     10/27/2004 10:48 AM     
  Damn, if you all really want to see...  
my shlong that damn bad, just tell me, I'll give you a peek! Remember though, if you're a guy, look but don't touch. I don't swing that way!
  by: RomJeremy   10/27/2004 06:08 PM     
  lol @ romjeremy  
Seriously though guys! The ones on the internet want to be seen! They are free! Why go around invading people's privacy? And those of you that mentioned wanting one- I'm getting one and I'm coming to find ya! :P
  by: redheadedwonder   10/27/2004 09:39 PM     
  WIll it work well...  
I don't think it would work that well, i have seen thingson TV that they will use in airports that is a giant contraption that surounds the person as they walk throught a archway and it shows the body heat emmited off the person so that large metal objects that appear to be guns/knives/evilnailcutters can be taken .
But these were only black metal objects on darkblue for the person and you could see very little. I suspect that a small mobile phone would have even worse quality and there by i think that it would really just show a bulge for the croch (of a man) and 2 bulges for the women.
  by: tiggyfiggy   10/28/2004 02:08 PM     
Comon, I was only kidding anyway :) It's just rude - there are better ways than that to get into people's knickers :)
  by: daniel2508     10/28/2004 03:07 PM     
Hopefully it's low quality and they ban it. It'd be annoying having people running around town with them :(.
  by: Pandafish   10/28/2004 08:09 PM     
  I can't believe it  
Why would someone so stupid invent such a ridiculous thing? I'd like to strangle the person who invented it.

As if walking around at night wasn't scary enough, afraid of perverted people trying to rape you, now you need to worry about perverted people looking at your naked body before they rape you. This is effing stupid.

I hope it gets banned immediately. Stupid people.
  by: cndngrleh   10/28/2004 10:56 PM     
  whats the big deal  
sony had a camcorder that did this a while back...they recalled it as soon as they realized how good the night vision was. i dont think it will be as big a deal as people make it out to be, the quality will probally suck
  by: ganjaman22     10/28/2004 11:31 PM     
  sony had it b4  
i dont see why anyone would need to report on this, its happened before.

sony's camcorder had night vision called "dark vision" or "sony light" or something like that.

no biggy then, y big deal now

-----> and dirty tip:
u can make this same affect with ANY camcorder. all u need is right lense and sunlight
  by: landoperk   10/29/2004 06:38 AM     
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