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                 02/22/2018 06:03 AM  
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11/05/2004 05:36 PM ID: 44182 Permalink   

Microsoft spams thousands of internet users


Microsoft, a major opponent of spammers, has sent out a spam mailing of its own. The letter was one of a series that was sent out to fight against the popularity of the Linux operating system.

Microsoft claims no wrongdoing by sending the spam, saying they followed the rules of the Can-Spam act. However, there is no noticeable "Opt-out" link anywhere in the email message.

Lawyers for Microsoft say they followed the rules of the Can-Spam act fully.

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  No Opt-out = Spam  
If they say they followed all the rules then they found a loop hole because the opt-out option is one of the most important aspects of a non-spam email advertising.

This is going to come back and bite MS in the a**, now even more people will be motivated to crack their software and find (and exploit) all the bugs they leave behind.

This is a very dumb move for a software giant, you would think that they got there because they were smart... :)
  by: exanime   11/05/2004 08:55 PM     
  It really should be  
not opt-in == spam
  by: t_strimp   11/05/2004 09:06 PM     
  The warning was that Linux doesn't give them money  
Open source is safe against viruses and hackers. Just as safe as Corp-soft where they keep all the secrets. Think of it this way, when you buy a car, you can look under the hood and take it apart. Microsoft welds the hood closed. Now is that tactic any better to keep it running? If there is a vunerability in Linux, it is discussed and many open-source programmers take a shot at fixing it. What ever works best gets in the official update. When Microsoft programs have a vunerability they have to fix it. Both are programmed by talented humans so it neither can be perfect.
  by: ericcode   11/06/2004 03:08 AM     
In my opinion, SPAM = ANYTHING I DONT WANT. I dont want an e-mail from Microsoft since I dont have anything to do with their software. I dont want mail and cd's from AOL since I dont have anything to do with their software.
  by: TheChanPerv   11/06/2004 08:26 AM     
  I say...  
...GIANT CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT! We all make a penny!
  by: PineyCreek   11/07/2004 10:49 AM     
Followed the link suppied in the report. I wonder...

File not found.

Our Web servers cannot find the page or file you asked for.

The link you followed may be broken or expired.

Go to our MSNBC home page, the NBC Sports home page, or try searching our Archives
  by: thedevilsmachine   11/09/2004 04:19 PM     
It was there as of two days ago. I'll see where they moved the link.
  by: DeadTaco   11/09/2004 04:25 PM     
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