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                 09/02/2015 02:17 AM  
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03/14/2001 09:46 AM ID: 4428 Permalink   

New Drives Hold Twice as Much Data as CD-RW


Sony is releasing a new double-density drive, which will hold twice as much information as existing CD-R or CD-RWs. The new drives will be called DD-R or DD-RW and will hold 1.35 gigs of data.

With a price tag of $249, Sony envisions the drives as a middle ground between CD's and DVD's. "With a 1.3GB capacity, users can now get the best of both worlds, but not at twice the price," said a Sony product manager.

However, some doubt there will be a place for the new drives. "The looming DVD-rewritable technologies will be a challenge," said one analyst. Also, many manufacturers are reluctant to add another costly peripheral, as computer sales decline.

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