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                 01/21/2018 07:27 AM  
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03/14/2001 10:48 AM ID: 4437 Permalink   

Russians knew about Monika Lewinsky before all of us did


Since 1996, Monika Lewinsky was a well-known name to Boris Yeltzin and the Russian intelligence service. This means two years before the world had knowledge of US ex-president Bill Clintons’s hot affair with the White House intern.

Yeltzin revealed a hint in his book published in October, “Midnight Diaries”: US Republican Party wanted to “plant” a sexy young woman in the White House to provoke Clinton. In an interview to the London Times, Yeltzin confirmed it was Lewinsky.

Former US intelligence officials say the Russians got the information by compromising secure information from the White House, possibly given out by FBI spy Robert Hanssen.

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they wanted to plant a sexy young woman in the White House - why did they have to settle for Monica? Eeks! :)
  by: SandraG     03/14/2001 10:58 AM     
  do you find her  
not attractive????

i think she was a nice little thing originally.....
  by: newsmaker     03/14/2001 12:51 PM     
...think differently from us, Sandra... I agreee with you. Monika doesn't seem sexy to me at all. But to Bill Clinton...well, just remember Paula Jones! What's that?!
  by: Seastar     03/14/2001 01:34 PM     
  One word...  
Pathetic ;)
  by: Chara     03/14/2001 03:29 PM     
  That story is odd  
as far as i know Miss Levinsky meet Clinton when he was Gouvernor of Arkansas. She never had a foot into the white house, as far as i know.

If russian government and secret service did know about Republican Party plans to
uncover that old story by meance of a spy in that party, then its not at all comparable to the same info leaking out to the whole world. But it shows how
long that party did plan to "shoot" at
Clinton in that way.
  by: alexstohr     03/14/2001 04:07 PM     
  I doubt  
That the Republican party would have needed to plant anyone. There were many other women in the White House who complained about Bill's behavior - and I am sure that there were others who were pleased by it.

It's not as if Monica even blabbed the story to the press on purpose.
  by: Chara     03/14/2001 04:15 PM     
  Maybe Yeltzin  
had too much vodka before his interview.
But maybe there was really a plan to plant someone, but not necessarily Lewinsky. I can't remember very well: the affair started in the White House, right? Wasn't Monika somehow influenced by that awful Linda Tripp? And hadn't Linda Tripp worked for the Republicans? Hmmm...
  by: Seastar     03/14/2001 04:52 PM     
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