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                 04/20/2014 08:01 AM  
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12/22/2004 04:08 AM ID: 45226 Permalink   

Biggest Bank Raid in British History


Police were hunting Tuesday night for a gang that stole more then 20 million pounds from a bank. On Sunday night they held the bank officials families until Monday when the officials were ordered to deliver the money to them or else.

The scam was finally brought to light late Monday evening. Strangely enough this comes just as the bank had been bought from another institution for 967 million pounds.

This recent problem should not delay the sale which is said to take place in the first quarter of 2005.

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  Kinda funny how I saw Ocean's Twelve today...  
oh and you misspelled 'strangely'
  by: stealthybull   12/22/2004 05:27 AM     
  Yes sorry about that  
this is my first news story on here and I was very nervous. Any pointers?.. you know besides spelling?
  by: RoBBoB     12/22/2004 04:08 PM     
Just one suggestion, the source article didn't mention anything about the timing of the raid being strange in relation to the buyout.

The two words "strangely enough" suggest this is your opinion, or conjecture, and should not have been included in your report. You perhaps used this phrase as a sentence bridge, but it does convey personal opinion.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     12/23/2004 03:07 PM     
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