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                 02/23/2018 11:12 PM  
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12/23/2004 01:03 AM ID: 45246 Permalink   

Bronx School for Sex Slaves


Two Lehman High School assistants to the principal have been suspended without pay for allegedly soliciting sex from teenage girls.

Clayton Fitz Coy, 25, and Aaron Stroud, 22, both admitted to having sex with girls from the High School. The girls were lured into a utility room and then the men had their way with them. One of the girls was offered to a neighborhood pimp.

The pimp, like the other two, was a past alumnus of Lehman High. Two of the three were reported to be football stars for the High School.

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  Fight the power!!!  
  by: rampulstinski   12/23/2004 02:39 AM     
  why isn't my school this fun? n/t  
  by: azazel346   12/23/2004 03:26 AM     
  My neighborhood!  
Gee, I'm proud. That school is within walking distance of my house.
  by: clk630   12/23/2004 06:56 AM     
  Should be ashamed  
Okay, here we have 2 people in a position of authority basically bullying and threatening young teenage girls into sex.. and all you can say is "fight the power" or "why isnt my school this fun"?

This is sick, its degrading, and horrifying. How would you feel if one of the girls was your sister, and some punk ****ed her in the generator room and tried to make her a prostitute?

The people involved should face maximum term prison sentences, where they will meet lots of fathers who dont appreciate this kind of sexual abuse.
  by: lauriesman     12/23/2004 01:51 PM     
  Ashamed of what?  
These girls were old enough and probobly had a lot more to do with this then they are saying. I know how sluts think, they are all the same and only want a nice beefy cock. If you dont want them lman, then send them to me.
  by: robbob     12/23/2004 05:51 PM     
So she was just playing hard to get, when he pinned her to the wall and threatened to rape her, after she repeatedly refused him?

Don't you know that when a girl says NO it means NO?
  by: lauriesman     12/23/2004 11:50 PM     
Me and some of my friendly friends have such games. Alot of people are into that kinda shit. Besides, who says she is telling the truth?
  by: robbob     12/24/2004 12:28 AM     
  can we have this prick blocked  
I find his comments offensive
  by: Necralis   12/24/2004 12:53 AM     
  I think that's his goal  
seems like several people only post bs they know will offend people. Sad that random ignorance has to ruin one of my favorite sites, and nearly my stand on abortion.
  by: phuck_you_phlippy   12/24/2004 07:07 AM     
I doubt these girls were "victims"... And probably went along with it willingly... I remember being in school with a friend that would do 'tricks' at lunchtime for like $20-30.... she just wanted the money...$50 if they are older...
  by: yomasta   12/24/2004 09:08 AM     
  As young as 17....  
What is that... These arn't even children...
  by: yomasta   12/24/2004 09:13 AM     
  Typical of a 'progressive "blue" state'?  
Aren't people from neighborhoods like this the types that are whining that voters from "red" counties and states aren't qualified to select national issues and leaders?

Oh, oh, the exalted wisdom of having a representative republic, with our Electoral College, not a direct democracy!! YIPPEE!!
  by: Luhker     12/24/2004 09:22 AM     
I thought you were a big news junky? You want to ban peoples ability to freedom of speach because you dont like it? Hypocrit if you ask me.

Hey everyone I dont like something personally so I think it should be illegal!!
  by: robbob     12/25/2004 05:15 PM     
  Hmmmnnn . . .  
Yet another reason to homeschool ;)
  by: case     12/25/2004 06:30 PM     
I'd explain, but your not worth the effort
  by: Necralis   12/25/2004 06:40 PM     
  assistants to the principal=assistant principals?  
Which means they're school officials. That being said, what in the hell are they doing raping/having sex with the teenaged girl students whom they are supposed to be responsible for?? These are some sickos who should have been screened out of this type of job.
  by: jondracusjl   12/27/2004 11:44 AM     
Maybe as you said the girls are sluts who have more to do than they're saying - But these are assistant principals doing it to them when they should have been responsible for the teens well being instead.
  by: jondracusjl   12/27/2004 11:47 AM     
  States of Mind  
Red States, Blue States. How did that statement get into this thread. Check you local laws about crimes against children and I am sure that you will find most states are against such crimes. Only a dump, stupid... I am going to walk away from this comment now... This just gives me a headache.
  by: vsose     12/29/2004 01:20 AM     
why the reporter has to mention the salary of the two assistants.... as if money really was a motivator.

statutes change according to what state you are in; punishment varies according to severity of offense, age of minor, consensuality of the act, and all sorts of nuances such as what kind of penetration occured, etc.... things like abuse of authority are really up to a judge or jury. (let's hope these guys get a jury of pissed-off women)

the age of these girls is such that they are really going to be considered almost-responsible for their part. Just because someone is underage does not mean they are completely brainless and not responsible for their actions.

But with the alleged threats made against the 16 year old, that should be enough to put away that scum for several decades....
  by: theironboard     12/29/2004 06:07 AM     
"should be enough to put them away for decades"

should be...but won't be i'm afraid
  by: astinus   12/31/2004 04:53 PM     
  hmm good idea! nt  
  by: rogueelite   01/29/2005 01:12 AM     
  that gives me an idea! nt  
  by: rogueelite   01/29/2005 01:13 AM     
  This whole thread answer a question I've had  
I've always wondered how so many people can slag off other cultures over the treatment of women, when they themselves see women as sub-human..apparently it's because of one thing, JEALOUSY. Just wait until your mother/sister/wife/other female relation gets raped, I bet you change your tune in a bloody hurry.
  by: StarShadow     02/07/2005 08:53 AM     
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