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                 01/18/2018 06:55 AM  
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01/04/2005 01:53 PM ID: 45406 Permalink   

Teen Charged with Axe Murder


A teenager has been charged with the axe murder in Victoria, Australia over night after police discovered the body of 71-year-old Howard Charles Ambrose who was murdered in his home Warrion, in the state’s south-west.

19-year-old Jarrad Matthews has been charged with hacking Ambrose to death and he will appear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court tomorrow. Ambrose lived alone and police were concerned for the elderly man’s welfare when they discovered him.

It is as-yet unknown how long ago Ambrose was killed.

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poor writing, not by NuttyPrat:
"and police were concerned for the elderly man’s welfare when they discovered him"
Why on earth would they be worried about his welfare when they found him and saw him hacked to death? Why not worry about his welfare BEFORE discovering him? Once you find him, his state of being is quite obvious to discern...
  by: sjava     01/04/2005 02:58 PM     
  I'm sure...  
what they meant was that the police had discovered that the old man was living alone and they were concerned for his welfare before he was murdered.
  by: lurker     01/04/2005 03:06 PM     
  I know  
I'm criticising the writing/grammar. English writing skills have deteriorated greatly in journalism and it's a shame.
  by: sjava     01/04/2005 03:58 PM     
who cares about aussie's journalizing skills, they are a bunch of stupid cangaroos anyways. and anyways it makes perfect sense, the police were concerned about the man, probably from backed up mail, and investigated. bah.
  by: Viper X   01/05/2005 02:41 AM     
  A better question...  
How the hell did the kid get caught? If the guy has been there for more than a day, and he lived alone, and they only noticed he was gone after a while, then the kid should've gotten away easily...
  by: Yheti   01/05/2005 04:29 AM     
at least a stupid "cangaroo" would have spelled the word correctly
  by: sjava     01/05/2005 05:00 AM     
  @sjava lol n/t  
  by: ganjaman22     01/05/2005 05:59 AM     
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