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                 02/23/2018 05:17 PM  
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01/23/2005 03:46 PM ID: 45736 Permalink   

Phishing Becoming More Sophisticated


While scam artists still are pretending to be banks and businesses in e-mails asking for accounts to be updated, more criminals are turning to spyware and worms to send people to web sites without them knowing.

Some hackers have pretended to work for tech support departments so they can get passwords to domain name servers. Google, Amazon, eBay Germany and HSBC of Brazil have seen their domain name hijacked.

Before, phishing was easy to spot because of spelling errors and funny looking web addresses. Now scam artists are able to produce legitimate-looking links and use malicious code to redirect people to the wrong site.

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  Stupidity Fuels Phishing  
If people weren't so stupid to begin with, phishing attempts would be nothing more that an exercise in futility.
  by: catbytes     01/23/2005 04:15 PM     
  Perhaps but...  
Using these techniques even the wary can be victims.
  by: bag     01/23/2005 07:40 PM     
  I seen ISP PHISH Mail  
I work for an ISP and there was a very Legit Email going around and it was very good looking I might add. It was the same thing, you must update your account info or your high Speed internet will be suppened, then it asked for SSN, Bank Account number and so on, AND PEOPLE FALL FOR IT!!!
  by: thedrewman   01/23/2005 09:35 PM     
It is true to... Atleast some people have the smarts to ask first...

The first time it happened to my mom, she waited for me to get home and asked me if she needed to "buy spyware removers". Becuase she had no idea if it was the operating system giving her the message or not.

As for the email ones. I just don't read anything unless I am expecting it.
  by: stevo9err   01/26/2005 02:59 PM     
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