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                 01/17/2018 09:03 PM  
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01/25/2005 01:04 AM ID: 45757 Permalink   

Electronic Bug Planted at Nicole Kidman’s Sydney Home


After recent renovations of her Darling Point, Sydney home, Nicole Kidman’s security firm discovered a sophisticated listening device during a routine sweep of Kidman’s home.

The device has been handed over to police and the security company have been working with detectives to identify the person responsible for planting the device. Security camera footage is believed to have captured a person planting the device.

Kidman is due back in Sydney for filming of the movie Eucalyptus which begins production on February 7th. The security sweep on Sunday was in preparation for her return to her Sydney residence.

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planted by a tabloid rag or paparazi.
  by: lurker     01/25/2005 02:06 AM     
My neighbours house is bugged. The house is let by a friend of my family. One day I picked something up on my cordless headphones and it took me ages to figure out who it was. It was only until the 3rd family had moved into that house that I recognised the voices. Its very bizarre.
  by: f3nd3r   01/25/2005 02:53 PM     
  Really now  
How interesting could one person's life be?
  by: rogueelite   01/25/2005 03:07 PM     
  It is down to getting money selling gossip....n/t  
  by: bag     01/25/2005 03:29 PM     
  baby monitors  
baby monitors, and cordless phones sometimes can be listened into with other unrelated listening devices such as wiress headphones
  by: fort   01/26/2005 01:20 PM     
  I can't believe  
that she actually has a security team sweeping through her house with such precision... really now, she's only nicole kidman. Nobody really gives a sh!t.
  by: fredfredrickson   01/31/2005 09:42 AM     
it's being done by Tom because he's trying to dig up dirt for a custody battle...
  by: sjava     01/31/2005 05:37 PM     
  It's not the paparazzi or gossip hounds...  
But I know of an organization that has been been accused of espionage and extortion in the past:

Ex-husband Cruise's involvement in that organization is no secret. Kidman is smart to have taken steps to protect herself from them.
  by: Creemi247   02/13/2005 07:57 PM     
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